Number of death rose to 23 in the accident in Muğla

Number of death rose to 23 in the accident in Muğla

Added date : 2017-05-13 15:39

MUGLA - Number of people who lost their lives in the accident of a tour minibus rollovered in Muğla-Marmaris highway, has rose to 23.

Number of death rose to 23 in the accident in Muğla

It was stated that after a tour minibus rollovered in a ramp bend in Mugla-Marmaris Highway on the corner of Sakar pass, number of death has rose to 23, and one seriously 11 people injured.

According to the claim, the 03 FR 247 plate minibus which its brake failed and the driver lost steering control, rolled into the stockade from 30 meters high.

Muğla Governor Amir Çiçek, who made a statement about the accident, explained that 11 people were seriously wounded when 20 people were killed. It was learned that 3 of the wounded who were treated at the hospital had lost their lives.

It was learned that the group of people in the accident vehicle, mostly women and children, went out of Izmir Buca to go to Marmaris in the morning hours.

A lot of health, fire and AFAD [Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkiye] teams were dispatched to the accident place. The teams are on rescue work in the area.

Wounded people were taken to Marmaris State Hospital, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman Training and Research Hospital.

On the other hand, the road was closed to traffic. (ILKHA)

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“Susa massacre is one of the rarest brutal massacre in history”

“Susa massacre is one of the rarest brutal massacre in history”

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