The only curtain producing electricity

The only curtain producing electricity

Added date : 2017-05-15 11:30

BURSA - Ahmet Fuat Yalçın aims to produce electricity from the curtains with the project he designed.

The only curtain producing electricity

Ahmet Fuat Yalçın, who earned grades with the “Solar Curtain” he started as a graduate project at Istanbul Technical University, continues to develop his project at Yildiz Teknopark Incubation Center.

Patent applications have also been filed for solar panels that are covered with photovoltaic cells (which generate energy when exposed to heat) to produce electricity.

In the "2238 University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition" organized by TUBITAK Scientific Human Resources Support Department, the project was chosen as first in the general category with “Solar Curtain Project” and then Ahmet Fuat Yalçın founded a company with the support of TEKNO Entrepreneurship, and became 3rd at Turkish Airlines 6th Bursa Science Festival among project competition, in the category of master inventors.

Ahmet Fuat Yalçın, 28-years-old, makes his doctorate, said that the “Solar Curtain” is the only curtain that generating electricity in Turkiye.

Yalçın stated that electricity is produced by the solar rays coming on the curtain surface, said, “It the only curtain that produces electricity in every environment in every home. The only curtain that makes you save money. We can produce electricity with the rays coming on its surface. If the electricity produced is desired, we can sell it to the network, if necessary we can store the battery and use it in our own home. We can change the fabric of our clothes. When we want, we can remove the fabric and wash it or change the fabric.”

“We can run the TV for 28 hours, the refrigerator for 2 hours, and our 10 lamps for 21 hours”

Referring to the electricity values ​​produced by the solar curtain, Yalçın said, “Suppose we have a 4-square-meter window facing south, and if the curtain is completely closed during the day, we will have electricity for 28 hours of television, 2 hours of refrigerator. We can produce 350 watts of electricity per square meter per day.”

The price is 180 dollars

Yalçın stated that the existing curtains changed in the range of $ 30 to $ 200 per square meter, and that the square meter of electricity generating curtains is 180 dollars. (Mustafa Bikeç - ILKHA)

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