Were mineral resources the core reason of Basbaglar massacre?

Were mineral resources the core reason of Basbaglar massacre?

Added date : 2015-07-24 14:00

ERZINCAN - Uttering that, beyond the visible reasons of Basbaglar massacre just occurred after dramatic Madımak provocation in Sivas, locals accentuated that an investigation must be launched over the allegations about mineral resources have revived nowadays.

Were mineral resources the core reason of Basbaglar massacre?

The emerging developments after the brutal massacre committed in Basbaglar village of Kemaliye district in Erzincan province on 5 July, 1993 associates with a possible reason for the rich underground resources.

The developments before and after the massacre committed in Basbaglar village by PKK armed groups with the order of code name Doctor Baran, Muslum Durgut, revealed the fact that the reason of this massacre isn’t an ordinary terrorist action as it assumed.

It has been expressed for years that the reason of this massacre was the provocation took place in Sivas Madimak Hotel, moreover perpetrators linked to PKK of this massacre were being cleaned up with reasoning upon this provocation happened in Sivas.

After long time period has passed since the massacre and developments in the region corroborated the possibility of PKK subcontracted to commit this massacre because of mineral resources in the region.

“Especially after the massacre prospecting operations of the big mine companies in the region presumed the fact of that possibility” says the locals and opinion leaders in the region, adding that, “The villagers were threatened to leave the region before and after the massacre.”

“Basbaglar Massacre might be committed because of underground resources”

Indicating that he kept abreast of the developments in Basbaglar due to a close village to his town Haluk Comertoglu, mayor of Arapgir town very close to Basbaglar in Malatya province, said that, “It is a high probability that this massacre might be carried out due to rich mineral sources in the region.”

Underlining that, “Five years after the massacre, gold was started to be extracted from the ground in İlic a small town of Erzincan province which is very close to Basbaglar.” Mayor Comertoglu said that, “This probability must be investigated. A superior mind wants to abandon the region and there is a pressure over people to leave their villages. Gold is being extracted in some places very close to region. Basbaglar massacre was the spice of that. Some big and foreign companies’ prospecting operations must be the subject of an investigation. The mining society extracting gold in İlic, built an 1 million worth of construction yard in Ovacik. This can’t be a coincidence. These are the lands have rich underground resources.”

Emphasizing that, locals mustn’t leave their lands despite all crackdowns launched on them, Mayor Comertoglu underlined that, “People cannot resist this situation alone at that point a serious support of community is needed.”

“Course of the case may change if this statement is true”

Cuneyt Toraman lawyer of Basbaglar massacre victims said that, “This allegation is very serious must be dwelled on.”

Saying that, “After the massacre, villagers were tried to be exiled from the region that they were oppressed seriously.” Lawyer Toraman expressed that, “After the massacre, I was told by the people living in the region that a couple of years after the incident some big mining companies from foreign countries started prospecting activities in the region some of them where very close to Basbaglar village.

Lawyer Toraman asks whether these gold reserves are the core reason of the massacre. Consecutively, oppressing people in the region, forcing them to leave their villages and foreign mining companies’ start of prospecting in the region can all of these be just for goldmining. This is a serious event. If this is the reality then the course of the case will shift to a different direction. At that case, not only some terrorist groups but some international companies will also be included in the case.”

“15 days before the massacre, some leftist armed groups intimidated the villagers”

Admitting that from the beginning of the case, we haven’t even considered this detail, Toraman emphasized that, “The developments after the massacre brings to our mind that this massacre was probably carried out due to rich underground resources in the region.”

Lawyer Toraman added that, “As we deal with the case, we thought that the oppression applied to the Muslim people in the region was a pre-28 February postmodern military coup arrangement. However we haven’t regarded the possibility that there could be the economic side of this event.”

Mentioning an event takes place in the court file, Lawyer Toraman said that, “We have a proven information that 15 days before the massacre, some armed leftist groups came village and intimidated the people. Even that is enough which was alleged that this massacre was carried out for the revenge of Sivas Madimak Hotel provocation. Because the incident occurred in Sivas was 3 days before the Basbaglar massacre where as these armed groups came and threatened the villagers 15 days before the carnage. Regarding the carnage as an action for revenge is a very poor possibility at these circumstances.”

“ILKHA must push this”

Stating that, Ilke News Agency has specified a significant detail in the case that must be pushed, Toraman said that, “The thing I want from ILKHA to push this. Because if you push this, I think even these statements will be enough to attract attention to this case. And if you bring this upon public agenda, I believe new and detailed information will appear soon.”

“The houses were burnt down after the massacre”

M. Ali Dikkaya general chairman of Basbaglar Glamorization and reconstruction Association pointed up the present after the massacre.

Indicating that, “The allegation of the possibility of committing a massacre due to prospecting activities cannot be disregarded and this massacre led up to this situation.” Dikkaya said that,” The houses were torched after the massacre and then these houses flatten with earthmoving machines. For years these houses weren’t used, and couldn’t be applied legally for these houses. That was all intended to force us leave the region.”

“This was the starting point of the offer process”

“Some secret desires have always been over the region and sometimes these intentions emerged” said Dikkaya, adding that, “In 1987, we received an official letter saying that, due to hard conditions to improve the region, it is being considered that they can be settled in some cities like Mugla, Aydin, Mersin, Antalya to 2B lands (formerly forested lands) over receiving petitions from the villagers.”

“After we had given our petitions to the state officials in 1987, we indented for our settling to the 2B lands due to our petitions. Over our demand, in 1994 deputy of Mersin Feride Arici from DYP came to our village and promised to take us to Mersin within the scope of this law. But soon we understood that this was all a distraction and this was the starting point of the offer process.”

Noted that there are a lot of ore beds in the region, Dikkaya said that, “The Mountain nearby Basbaglar has a great amount of lignite reserve.”

Former chairman of Basbaglar Association Serif Gul talked about the matter indicated that, “They were constantly oppressed to leave the village.” (ILKHA)

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