European Orphan Association prepares for Ramadan

European Orphan Association prepares for Ramadan

Added date : 2017-05-17 16:35

NEWS CENTER - Germany-based International Humanitarian Relief Foundation European Orphan Association aims to reach more orphans and needy families by accelerating their work during Ramadan.

European Orphan Association prepares for Ramadan

Hüseyin Ateş, Deputy Chairman of European Orphan Association, said that they started to work to reach thousands of orphans and needy by explaining the aid activities they planned to do during Ramadan.

Since the day it was founded, the European Orphan Association, which has helped orphans and needy people in every occasion and endeavors to meet human needs, will make efforts for orphans and needy people in Ramadan in 2017.

Hüseyin Ateş, Deputy Chairman of the European Orphan Association, said, “We continue our work during the 5th year of the International Humanitarian Aid European Orphan Association. We have created the infrastructure for the aids we will do in various countries of the world within the Ramadan 2017 program. As you know Ramadan is going to start in a few days, our request from charitable people to support the orphans, the victims and the needy people.”

Millions of people live on the breadline

“Millions of people live on the breadline need food, water and clothing. As we European Orphan Association are awareness of this and trying to deliver these needs,” said Ateş by emphasizing that millions of people live on the breadline and need humanitarian aid.

Orphans around the world will be reached

Ateş stated that they will continue their aid activities all over the world, said, “We will continue to work on the refugees who fled to Europe, food packages to Turkiye, Palestine, Balkan countries, Asia and Africa, orphan clothing, fast-breaking meals and opening water wells.”

Call for volunteer representatives and philanthropists

Ateş, “We thank our voluntary representatives for this. We believe that most of this burden will be on their backs. We believe that they will continue their work by increasing their energy and efforts during the month of Ramadan. We would like to mention to the philanthropists living in Europe that they can apply to our association in zakat, fitra, charity and other goodness to reach needy people by making the European Orphan Association as a bridge.  They can reach to our institutions individual or through telephone and internet communication. I already wish from Almighty Allah that the Ramadan month to be good instrument for all humanity.” (ILKHA)

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Hope-Gate Association ready for Ramadan

Hope-Gate Association ready for Ramadan

2017-05-24 11:42:29

Hope-Gate [Umut Kapısı] Food Bank Association, which operates in Diyarbakır, completed preparations for Ramadan.

“HAMAS will never give Palestinian lands to israel”

“HAMAS will never give Palestinian lands to israel”

2017-05-24 11:06:57

HAMAS's Foreign Relations Officer Usame Hamdan, who came to Diyarbakir for a series of visits, said that they would never give their land to Israel.

Turkiye isolates Austria from NATO

Turkiye isolates Austria from NATO

2017-05-24 10:50:03

According to information based on NATO diplomats, due to the tension between Ankara and Vienna, Austrian troops will not be able to exercise together with NATO countries and will not participate in important alliance programs of the alliance.

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