Residents suffer from stench in Hilvan

Residents suffer from stench in Hilvan

Added date : 2017-05-18 12:07

SANLIURFA - In Şanlıurfa’s Hilvan, the waste water which pouring into the brook cause many diseases. Neighborhood residents showed reaction to the situation.

Residents suffer from stench in Hilvan

Citizens who lived near the brook pass throughout Hilvan, reacted to the sewage wastes pouring into the brook.

Residents near the brook stated that in the past years, the infrastructure work was done but thin pipes were used by ŞUSKI and instead of carrying the waste water out of the city, the sewage waters flow into the brook. Residents expressed that this causes many diseases.

Residents of Hilvan expressed that they are very uncomfortable due to the heavy smell and mosquitos due to the sewage flowing into the water, said the Metropolitan Municipality promised to solve this problem before the election and requested them to fulfill their promise.

Mahmut Düşen, local authority of Yenişehir neighborhood, stated that the metropolitan municipality was only able to clean the brook which is not a solution. “I have started to serve as a local authority for three years. I applied to the necessary commissions during this period. Last week I personally met with the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality. He told me to send engineers and will do whatever it needs. But they only sent a digger and cleaned the brook. This problem cannot be solved only to clean the brook. Please for the sake of Allah solve this problem. Those who live near this brook cannot sleep at nights due to bad smell.”

“They put big pipes and solve this problem”

Rojhat Coskun reacted by saying, “We cannot pass through here because of the smell.  I am an artisan here and I am embarrassed myself when I pass. They should find a solution here, because we cannot pass through here due to flies and stench. They said, ‘we will do it,’ but they only come during the election time, then they ignore us.”

“I take my guests away from the brook”

Abuzer Akgün, who made a call to the Metropolitan Municipality of Şanlıurfa, said, “We would like the mayor come and be our guest for a night. If he can stay due to stench and the flies then it is ok. Then we will bear to face this problem for years. Anyone who come from other cities say, ‘what kind of a place is this’. I take my guest away from the brook because of flies and stench.”

Lutfu Kaya stated that they did not do any transactions in the last year when they expressed this problem, and said that no one come to the bazaar near the brook because of the smell and mosquitos. (Osman Gülebak - Ramazan Şefkatli - ILKHA)

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