‘Denying Chinese persecution means conniving with this cruelty’

‘Denying Chinese persecution means conniving with this cruelty’

Added date : 2015-07-25 11:43

YALOVA - Criticizing the world countries that the ongoing persecution in China isn’t being taken in consideration and somewhat is trying to be covered, Kutluk Dervis from East Turkistan has made explanations about the persecution of people suffer from China in East Turkistan.

‘Denying Chinese persecution means conniving with this cruelty’

40 years old East Turkistan- born Kutlu Dervis who fled from China due to severe oppression has talked to ILKHA News Agency about what they had been through.

Indicating that living up to their faith is forbidden and as being a Muslim they couldn’t even recite Quran freely, Kutluk Dervis said that he learned how to recite Quran on his own secretly.

Stating that he bought a CD in which there were lessons of recitation of Quran, Kutluk Dervis said that, “I was detained by Chinese police over distributing those CDs that I really liked to my friends. After I had got death penalty, I escaped from Chıne and took refuge in Turkey.”

 “I struggled for 4 years to pass the border”

“After I had been caught in China I was put into jail and spent 5 years there. When I was released, I was hounded for years then I had to flee. But it is very hard to escape in East Turkistan. I struggled for 4 years to pass the border. I lived absconded in East Turkistan and in different parts of China. I managed to reach Malaysia after 4 years of being fugitive. Then I came to Turkey from Malaysia.” said Dervis Kutluk.

“Denying the persecution in East Turkistan means conniving with this crime”

Emphasizing the information pollution in Turkey, Dervis underlined that, “Denying the persecution in east Turkistan means conniving with cruelty.”

 “Our brothers were bought back in the west countries of east Turkistan”

“All along the time China has been doing so and buying back the fugitives from the west countries of east Turkistan such as Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan.” said Dervis, adding that, “Chinese Government spares no expenses to cover the persecution committed by them.”

“They have bought some guys in Turkey”

Saying that, Turkey is the one and only country among the world countries that doesn’t sell them back to China however there are some guys try to declare East Turkistan’s people as traitors to exclude from country. Dervis said that, “They have bought some guys here and these guys consciously try to cover the reality of that we are being persecuted in China.”

If we aren’t oppressed then why am I here?

Speaking to those incriminating them by claiming that they aren’t being oppressed, Dervis said that, “If we aren’t being oppressed then why am I here? Now that there is no cruelty there then why am I here in Turkey? I am here just because of oppression.”

Exclaiming to those refuting the allegations of persecution in East Turkistan, Dervis “If you want to comment on East Turkistan, you first be a human, secondly a Muslim next learn Uighur and Chinese languages then go to China; live having the courage of your convictions for 5 years and comeback, then I will believe all you say.”

 “Last year they destroyed 4 villages and killed 5 thousand people though no one heard”

Indicating that ongoing persecution is more than what is heard or seen, Dervis said that, “Therefore, there is a closed society in China the oppression people suffer doesn’t have sufficient media coverage. For example; last year 4 villages were flatten one day before Eid al-Fitr in Yerken town of East Turkistan. We have 5000 martyrs there. Yet, no one heard this event and covered. But we have 5000 martyrs there. Even a child was sentenced to death because of reporting this persecution to some people with telephone. In that case, who can shoot the real picture of the circumstances in east Turkistan?”

“The persecution conducted in China seen nowhere else in the world”

Saying that the persecution conducted in East Turkistan can be seen nowhere in the world now, Dervis said that, “People can hear the killing of people in Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, yet no one hears anything about a massacre committed in East Turkistan such as; one night they come to a village slaughter everyone though over all you may hear denials from someone about these events.”

Kutluk Dervis said that, “They even don’t give the bodies of people back and say to their fathers not to talk about that anywhere threatening them saying even if one of your neighbors hear that we will arrest you.” But when these people were asked about their sons they say that he died when he was away from home to earn money.”

Lastly, Dervis warns Muslims in Turkey about not to believe in lies, adding that, “We are Muslims in East Turkistan. There are 40 million Uighur Turkish Muslims and they are the part of this Islamic Ummah. Indeed this persecution happens to people in East Turkistan is a persecution conducted to our Ummah because Communism of China is kind of enemy towards Allah, Prophet, religious and Muslims.” (ILKHA)

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