‘We would not be in comfort if the peace of this land disrupted’

‘We would not be in comfort if the peace of this land disrupted’

Added date : 2015-07-25 11:58

VAN - Mullah Ali Arslan, a scholar of ITTIHAD, spoke about the explosion in Suruc in the district of Sanliurfa Province and the provocative incidents that took place afterwards.

‘We would not be in comfort if the peace of this land disrupted’

Mullah Ali Arslan, the chief executive of Scholars and Madrasahs Union (ITTIHAD) in Van, spoke to Ilke News Agency (ILKHA) assessing the Suruc massacre and the incidents that took place in the aftermath. “We would not be in comfort if the peace of this land is disrupted”, said Arslan.

Mullah Ali Arslan drew attention to the explosion in Suruc and the incidents that happened right after stating that in the background scene of these incidents it’s the same evil focus that has created conflicts in Syria, Iraq and other Islamic states. Arslan wished patience to the families who had lost their loved ones in the explosion and in the incidents in the aftermath, whilst wishing the injured ones a quick recovery.

They hope to turn Turkey into a fireball just like most the Middle East states but nobody will be successful in doing this said Arslan. Adding, “Turkey has been set as a major target. The Western World is trying their best to turn Turkey into Syria and is playing games to create a conflict in the country. Yes, there was an attack to a number of people but it is important to disclose who and why did such incidents. Those who have exposed this scenario should be found to assess the reasons behind the incidents. We should be sure that it’s the same people behind the incidents in Turkey who caused the coup in Egypt, Syria and Iraq.”

“We should extinguish this fire together”

Arslan remarked that those who died in Suruc and other cities are the people of this country, “Those that were murdered are the people of our country, in fact one was from Van and the other was from Hakkari. It obviously doesn’t matter what city they come from either from here or Edirne, they are the children of this land that is what matters the most. Nobody will be in comfort if the peace of this land is disrupted. Our biggest set example is Syria. Our call is to the government, media, and intellect people and to everyone else to souse to this fire so we can extinguish it altogether.”

“The government should take publics voice into account”

Mullah Ali Arslan concluded his speech by calling-out to the government, “The governors should take up responsibility and do what they need to. The government should take publics voice into account otherwise things can get worse.” (ILKHA)

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“Women and children most affected by war”

“Women and children most affected by war”

2017-09-22 16:33:32

The Minister of Family and Social Policy, who continued her contacts in Gaziantep, pointed out the civil war in Syria and said that the most affected people were women and children.

HUDA PAR’s Hegira New Year message

HUDA PAR’s Hegira New Year message

2017-09-22 15:59:53

HUDA PAR has issued a message on Hegira New Year.

Plane crash in Istanbul’s airport: 4 injured

Plane crash in Istanbul’s airport: 4 injured

2017-09-22 13:46:16

Four people were injured in the accident during the land of a private jet registered as TC-KON.

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“70 thousand Syrian children were educated in Gaziantep”

Metropolitan Mayor Şahin stated that while the schooling rate of Syrian children in Turkiye is 30 percent, Gaziantep has doubled this rate and said that 70 thousand Syrian children are educated.

“We must work hard for the resurrection of ummah”

“We must work harder than ever for the resurrection of the ummah in the oneness (tawhid) and unity (wahdat) fountain, which the ummah lose in the unrest fire,” said President of Diyanet Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş.

School excitement of visually impaired students

After the three-month summer vacation, the 2017-2018 academic year has begun, while visually handicapped students in Gaziantep also had joy on the first day of school.

Students working in the fields couldn’t start the school

Thousands of students working in agriculture in Turkiye's Şanlıurfa and its provinces were unable to attend classes as the new academic year started.

The military exercise in the Habur region continues

The military exercise which started by Turkish Armed Forces in the morning hours continues.

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