Not completed for 6 years, the mosque left idle

Not completed for 6 years, the mosque left idle

Added date : 2015-07-25 14:07

DIYARBAKIR - Its foundations were laid in Diyarbakir 6 years ago, but its construction still couldn’t have been completed the mosque named Jesus is awaiting help from the charitable people.

Not completed for 6 years, the mosque left idle

Its foundations laid in 2009 in Diyarbakir, construction of the mosque named Jesus in the Kayapinar district in the central Diyarbakir, couldn’t be completed due to short of finance.

Located in Baris neighborhood of Afetevleri district, the mosque has been constructed as 4 floored but due to short of finance only the basement floor has been completed.

Afetevleri mosque Remodeling and Survival Association Chairman Tahir celik, called the charity from the philanthropists in his statement he held to Ilke News Agency (ILKHA).

If the construction of the mosque is being completed over two thousand people will be able to worship

To complete the construction of mosques requesting help from anyone who has the opportunity, Celik said, "We finished the rough parts of the construction of the mosque by collecting finance from the charitable people. But we haven’t received any more charity after the rough part of the construction so far. Our mosque has 4 floors, there is also Koran course. We intend to make the bottom floor of the madrasa. Two thousand people can do their prayers same time when it’s completed. To help the mosque construction is one of the important charities. We went to speak to businessmen before but they didn’t care. Therefore, we are waiting for help from all the Muslims."

The air conditions of the mosque were stolen

Adding that two air conditions of the mosque were stolen last year, Celik said, "2 of our air conditioners were stolen from the mosque last year. We could buy 2 air conditioners due to the charity we have collected from the mosque community."

On the other hand, Kayapinar district Mufti M. Sirri Sik that we have spoken to said, "There are 5 other mosques in the district that are in same situation. We are doing whatever we can. We collect help for our mosques.” (ILKHA)

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