The child who is diagnosed with Cystinosis awaiting helping hands to be extended himself

The child who is diagnosed with Cystinosis awaiting helping hands to be extended himself

Added date : 2015-07-25 16:20

AGRI - Diagnosed with cystinosis disease which seen at one in the Millions of people, the child living with dependent on dialysis comes to the risk of death from time to time during the treatment process.

The child who is diagnosed with Cystinosis awaiting helping hands to be extended himself

9 years old Serkan Tavkas who captured to cystinosis disease which is seen very rare, the child is waiting for the helping help to extend him for his treatment.

Trying to live at his home by depending on the dialysis, remains in danger due to frequent power outages occurs repeatedly.

Stating that in order to dialysis device to work constantly they are in need to run a generator or they are expecting the kidney and liver transplants the father Ahmet Tavkaş father, said he was jobless and he shouldn’t get out of the town due to the health problems of his son

Implementing that his son is being captured to chronical kidney and liver failure besides cystinosis, the father Ahmet Tavkaş said, "My child now lives depend on dialysis. My son is staying on dialysis for 12 hours a day. The treatment remains none completed at most of the time due to the electricity cuts and this situation puts the life of Serkan in danger. Recently due to the power outage treatment of Serkan was cut in half and Serkan was sent to Erzurum. We've taken my son back to home again after being treated there for a while. In order to the treatment not to be cut at half we need a power generator. I want to ask for generator to Agri Governor for Serkan. "

Indicating that Serkan had the disease since birth, father Tavkas "We now expect both for liver and kidney transplant. Because my son is it is cystinosis patients jus the kidney transplants is not enough, he also needs liver transplant as well. We expect the sensitivity of our people. Already there is no cure for this disease. "

Claiming that he was fired from his job while he have taken his son to Erzurum to be treatd, father Tavkas said, "At the moment I'm unemployed but I do not care as long as my child gets well. I am also looking for a job but due to problems in the province, I couldn’t get job.’’ They are waiting for the helping hand to extend their Cystinosis patients child.

Indicating that she spends the nights by treatment and to check her son Mother Ayse Tavkaş, said "Since 2009, my son is being treated for Cystinosis disease in Erzurum. He then began to have kidney failure. Peritoneal dialysis began, crosses were installed. Currently my child lives depended on dialysis. His life will continue to be same until the transplant. We would like to have generator in order my son’s treatment not to remain in the half. At this point we expect a help from the authorities. Because my son is connected to dialysis I've been watching for 12 hours between 21:00 and 09:00 o’clock for 12 years. Because the power outage are going on and his situation gets worse during this time. When the power cuts occurs he has a needle that I inject to him. Anyway he has 11 medicines that he uses. We live in distress because it is a rare disease. We look forward to a helping hand to extend."

Waiting for he helping hand to be extended to himself for his room that a part of it is full with his medicines, Serkan’s biggest wish is to be a doctor when he has grown. (ILKHA)

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