“Bought weapons do not seem to be used against enemies of Ummah”

“Bought weapons do not seem to be used against enemies of Ummah”

Added date : 2017-06-07 15:37

AKSARAY - Within the framework of the party's iftar programs, HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, who is in Aksaray, has made important statements regarding the Qatar Crisis.

“Bought weapons do not seem to be used against enemies of Ummah”

Participating in the iftar program organized by Aksaray Provincial Chairman of the party, HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, evaluated on Qatar’s crisis.

Yapıcıoğlu pointed out that Saudi Arabia made a hundred billion-dollar arms deal with the US a few weeks ago, “It seems that these weapons never seem to be used against the enemies of the ummah.”

Yapıcıoğlu, who began by emphasizing the importance of unity, solidarity and love among Muslims, said that despite all mistakes and flaws, all Muslims deserve to be loved because of being only a believer.

“Why are we buying these weapons if we will use them against each other?”

Yapıcıoğlu, who has been evaluating the tension between Qatar and the other Gulf states, said that he tried not to go into current issues in iftar meals in the iftar programs he participated so far but wanted to evaluate it because of the developments in the Gulf.

Yapıcıoğlu; “Waters are heating up in the Gulf. We are already confronted with the very troubles that disturb the ummah. To the Far East, from Myanmar to the west, perhaps to Morocco, to the mid-Africa, in many places, the sons of the Islamic ummah are subjected to various persecutions by the different branches of the kufr. As if this is not enough, there is a civil war going on right now beside us in Syria over six years. Over 10 million of our Syrian brothers displaced, close to a million people lost their lives. As if this is not enough too, the waters are being heated again in the Gulf. A few weeks ago, a weapon deal was made over $ 100 billion. But it is understood that these weapons will never be used against enemies of the ummah.”

“It seems that nurse a grudge started by someone provocation”

Yapıcıoğlu, who stated that there have very serious allegations against Qatar, and that according to the latest information, there is military activity on the border of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Yapıcıoğlu added that Saudi Arabia is alleged to be preparing to invade Qatar.

Yapıcıoğlu continued his words as follows:

“In 1967, a handful of zionists in the Arab-Israeli War expanded the territories occupied by the inexorable because some treacherous administrators. Just 50 years from now, there are some new developments that will please them now. For 50 years, , who have done nothing to dismantle the zionists from the territories they occupy, are now beginning to nurse a grudge against each other. This nurse a grudge seems to have started with the provocation of someone else.”

Yapıcıoğlu stated that Muslims should read the Qur'an more often and try to understand it thoroughly during the blessed Ramadan which is honored by the fact that the Qur'an is being revealed in this month, “Let’s be the Muslims who applied the Qur'an to their lives after they understood. Let us fully understand what our Lord wants from us. Let's take a closer look at how the Qur'an makes friend and enemy recipe. Let us learn from Quran, who we are, who are our enemies, whom are our compassionate.”

“Allah surely commands us justice”

Yapıcıoğlu said that the Islamic ummah turned its back on the Qur'an and just read the text but not to digest its meaning, grasp it well, said, “As a billion 700 million Islamic Ummah on the earth, we became like a toy played by a handful of zionists and some other branches of the kufr.” (ILKHA)

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