“If rich people give their zakat, poor people will not be hungry”

“If rich people give their zakat, poor people will not be hungry”

Added date : 2017-06-13 15:43

DIYARBAKIR - Abdurrahman İçlek, a member of the Union of Scholars stated that the zakat has a great importance in the Islamic religion, said that if the rich had to perform their duties at this point, the needy would not be hungry.

“If rich people give their zakat, poor people will not be hungry”

Abdurrahman Içlek, a member of the Union of Scholars who stated that the zakat is a pillar of Islam, stated that the zakat is a fardh worship on people at the same and stated that if the people do their duty in this issue, the needy people will not be hungry.

Içlek, who expressed that the denial of the zakat is taking the man to disbelief, gave the knowledge that the abandonment is of great sin.

Indicating that zakat is fardh on every mature people, “I mean it depends on the value of the money. If we say gold, 60, 70, 85 grams of gold contains zakat. If a year pass over on that gold, then its zakat has to be given.”

Içlek, said that those who believes in Allah and the Prophet and spend their goods in the way of Allah are great rewards, have voiced that people are agents of the blessings they have.

“In the centuries when the Muslims gave their zakat, no poor remained”

Içlek underlined that the zakat must be given, said: “For example, we look at the history of Islam. There is no poor in the centuries when the Muslims gave their zakat. One day Prophet Muhammad sent Muaz bin Jabel to Yemen, Muaz bin Jebel fulfills this duty. Muaz bin Jebel was supposed to distribute zakat to poor people. One day Muaz bin Jebel sends a small amount of zakat to the Khalifa Omar. Omar gets angry and say, ‘we didn’t send you there to collect tax. We sent you there to gather zakat from riches and distribute to por people,’ then Muaz bin Jabel reply, ‘O Omar, there is no poor left in Yemen, that’s why I sent Medina that zakat money.’”

Içlek gave examples from the era of Omar bin Abdul Aziz, and said, “Zakat officers of Omar bin Abdul Aziz came to him and say, ‘What do we do the remaining zakat?’ they ask, Omar bin Abdul Aziz replies: ‘Marry bachelors who cannot get married and not power, open a shop to artisans and buy artifacts, so they can make art,  a servant to blind ones and pay them a salary, collect sick animals in one place, bring vets to them and pay salaries veterinarians.’”

“If the rich give their zakats then the poor will not hunger”

Finally, Içlek said, “Allah Almighty, made it fardh for poor from the wealth of the richest people. If rich people give their zakat, the poor will not remain hungry. But if the rich do not do their duty, poor people will remain hungry. If the rich fulfill the zakat duty properly, there will be no poor.” (M. Sıddık Bilge, M. Hüseyin Temel - ILKHA)

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