Tanrikulu: 'There are similarities between the PKK and Isis attacks'

Tanrikulu: 'There are similarities between the PKK and Isis attacks'

Added date : 2015-07-27 15:55

DIYARBAKIR - In the interview held by South Korea’s national channels KBS TV, HUDA-Par Diyarbakir provincial chairman Tanrikulu, explained about recent intriguing issues and said PKK and ISIS are facilitating same style actions.

Tanrikulu: 'There are similarities between the PKK and Isis attacks'

Employed in Hankuk University International politics Professor Jeongmin Seo, interviewed HUDA-PAR’s Diyarbakir provincial chairman Tanrikulu, in scope of international issues for KBS the South KoreanTV.

Answering the ‘’How do you regard ISIS?’’ question asked by Professor Jongmin Seo during the interview ; emphasizing that not just ISIS but also PKK’s similar violent actions must be considered, Tanrikulu said, ‘’As we have indicated before we don’t agree with the violent actions of the ISIS. Bombing temples, Masjids, Markets and crowded places with lots of civilians is not something proper with Islam.’’

Both ISIS and PKK doesn’t tolerate others except themselves

Indicating that there is a difference in the PKK's and ISIS’s action style, Tanrikulu, emphasized that similarly with ISIS’s actions also PKK attacks to mosques and massacres people who are praying in the mosque.

Tanrikulu said, "PKK’s killing civilians is clearly visible not just in hundreds but even in thousands of events. For example, it is PKK who is killing hundreds of innocent civilians by bomb explosion in Siirt, Diyarbakir and Bingol and in many other places. Beside ISIS also PKK does not tolerate any other groups except themselves. In this case, they have similar mentality. "

Open support to independent Kurdistan in the South Kurdistan

Also declaring that they are supporting establishment of an independent Kurdistan in South Kurdistan, Tanrikulu, emphasized that any other Kurdish groups except PKK / HDP would support the establishment of interference of an independent Kurdistan in South Kurdistan.

"We are delivering all kinds of help to the refugees"

Answering the question of Seo "What is HUDA-PAR doing for refugees?" Tanrikulu said;

"HÜDA-PAR did deliver regular help to refugees came to Diyarbakir so far and continuously helping more. By cooperating with Umut Kervani platform and other NGOs related to that platform, we provide basic needs for the refugees. Our helps continue towards refugees regardless to their belief or ethnicity. Already the biggest discrimination is to make this distinction. "

"Basic human rights should not be subject to any bergainings"

Answering the question of Prof. Jeongmin Seo "So what do you want for the Kurds in Turkey?" Question Tanrikulu said:

"First of all we think that the rights of Kurdish people occupied by Kemalist system should be delivered unconditionally as soon as possible. These rights shouldn’t be negotiated with the condition of PKK laying down their arms or connected to any other conditions. Because basic human rights should not be subject for any bargain. "

Our demands for the Kurds

Tanrikulu, listed their demands for Kurds as follows:

"The primary constitutive elements of the Republic of Turkey are Turks and Kurds. This should be constitutionally recognized. Constitutional citizenship definition should be reviewed in this context.

All obstacles against education in the mother tongue should be abolished and this right should be brought to life.

Kurdish must be declared as a second official language.

Especially, Kurdish leaders Bediuzzaman Said-i Nursi, Sheikh Said Efendi and Syed Riza’s hidden graves should be declared promptly. (ILKHA)

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