“No one will give us a hand if we do not treat each other mercifully”

“No one will give us a hand if we do not treat each other mercifully”

Added date : 2017-06-19 14:22

DIYARBAKIR - Speaking at the iftar program held in the Silvan, district of Diyarbakir, HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Mehmet Bahattin Temel said that the last days of the month of Ramadan should be worshiped more.

“No one will give us a hand if we do not treat each other mercifully”

HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Mehmet Bahattin Temel participated in the iftar program organized by the Silvan District Presidency, said Muslims suffered a great cruelty today, suffered a lot, and that a lot of efforts had to be made to overcome them today.

Only the unity and solidarity of the Islamic Ummah will open the door for the welfare said Temel and added that especially during the last days of the month of Ramadan to be worshiped a lot for the ummah.

The public open-iftar [fast- breaking] program, which is organized in the Kanîya Navîn Park in the center of Silvan, started with the reciting Qur'an.

Let's take advantage of “Al-Qadr Night”

HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Mehmet Bahattin Temel said:

“Dear brothers and sisters, I hope that Allah will reward those who worship Allah in these blessed days. We are slowly approaching the end of the month of Ramadan, and we are saying goodbye to the month of Ramadan.”

“If we save our souls then we will be saved in real sense”

Temel said, “The day we are saved in the presence of Allah is the real eid for our family, our relatives, and our country.”

“Let’s perform our worship with a clean and pure heart”

Pointing to the present situation of the Islamic geography and suffers, Temel continued his speech as follows:

“The Islamic ummah is in a miserable state today. Our streets, our neighborhoods, our villages, our cities, shortly our regions are in a bad condition. We are collapsed in tangible and spiritual ways. Sounds of tanks, missiles, planes and bombs comes every day in Islamic lands. Dear brothers and sisters, worship to Allah in the last day of Ramadan, with a great opportunity. Let’s pray with a clean and pure heart; so our families, our goods, and our country to be saved from these persecutions. Only we can save each other. Allah is the witness, if we do not treat each other with mercy, if we do not extend our mercy to each other, no one will approach us nor extend a hand.”

“Silvan should be the castle of Islam, Qur'an and Ramadan”

“We must stand as a fortress against the evil, we must stand like Silvan’s castle,” said Temel, referring briefly to Silvan's history, stated:

“Silvan Castle was the first to join the peace and Islamic armies when the ‘companions’ approached this area. And during the Mongol invasion, the walls of Silvan resisted against the invasion for a long time. Resisted against the unbelievers and the inhabitants with a great resistance. At that time, the Islamic capital city Baghdad could not stand against Mongolian invasion, it collapsed in a few months and the Islamic caliphate martyred. But Silvan Castle resisted these inhabitants for two years. Dear brothers and sisters, you are the grandsons of those people! You are the grandchildren of those peoples. Therefore, Silvan must be the castle of the Qur'an and Ramadan, the land of Islam, the Muslims.” (Mustafa Sapuç - ILKHA)

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Increasing theft in Diyarbakır enrages

Increasing theft in Diyarbakır enrages

2017-08-18 14:50:02

Citizens who ask a solution to be found to the recent cases of theft in Turkiye’s Diyarbakır emphasized that punishments should be more deterrent.

We have 7 losses in the accident said Governor of Sakarya Balkanlıoğlu

We have 7 losses in the accident said Governor of Sakarya Balkanlıoğlu

2017-08-18 13:38:45

Governor İrfan Balkanlıoğlu, who made a statement about the accident that resulted in the rollovers of the tractor carrying the workers in Sakarya's Hendek district, said that 7 people lost their lives.

18th anniversary of Marmara Earthquake

18th anniversary of Marmara Earthquake

2017-08-18 11:33:51

18 years passed over since August 17, 1999, in the morning at 03.02 local times from the Marmara Earthquake took place in Gölcük district of Kocaeli, the epicenter of the center.

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Çetinbaş family, consists of 9 members, living in a two-roomed house in Sason province of Batman is expecting for help, said that they sometimes cannot even find a bit of bread.

PKK’s Sweden origin anti-tank missiles seized

Two Sweden origin anti-tank missiles belonging to the PKK were seized in the Uludere district of Şırnak province in Turkiye.

“The government should give up close its eyes in the face of rights violations”

HUDA PAR, in the evaluation of the agenda, emphasized that the Government should give up close its eyes on violations especially in the Kurdish provinces in the face of the grievances arising from security investigations not based on justified reasons.

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