The family exposed to police violence narrate those moments

The family exposed to police violence narrate those moments

Added date : 2017-06-20 01:25

ISTANBUL - Members of the Yakar family, who had been attacked by police teams in Istanbul, who had checked the road at the “fast-breaking time”, and were tortured in the police station, narrated those moments.

The family exposed to police violence narrate those moments

Victim of police violence Efrahim Yakar whose car was stopped by motorize ‘Yunus Team’ in Istanbul Güngören, and his mother who had seen the event and came to the scene narrated those moments.

Efraim Yakar, who stated that he had stopped by motorized police officers at the time of after his work to his house, said that he was first dropped off his car, that he was searched and then exposed to violence.

Victim Efraim Yakar stated that the event took place on the street in front of his house, said, “Vehicle traffic was locked, my house was on the opposite side, my neighbors were staring at me. ‘You are unaware, but you are offending me,’ I warned the police. Then, they used the slang words, saying ‘we are doing our duty. We can stop the traffic till to the morning if it needs. No one can say anything.’ I went back and said to the officer inside of the car, ‘you disturb by our neighbors, are you looking for a bomb inside! It is 10 minutes to the iftar [fast-breaking] so let me go.’ Then the officer inside walked firmly up to me, holding it from my throat and laying down, handcuffed me from behind.”

“Also beaten inside the vehicle”

Explaining that they still do not understand why they have exposed to such an attack, Yakar continued to tell the moments:

“They used tear-gas on my face. My mother and my wife, who heard me, came there with my children. I could only hear the voices and feel the punches. Then they put me on the team car. My-brother-in-law was passing by and involved into the event. They took him with me to the police vehicle and continued to beat us in the car, approximately they have beaten us for 15 minutes there.”

“You are terrorists! Your fasting will not be accepted

Yakar said that they were beaten constantly until the Bağcılar patrol bureau chief, added, “Adhan was read when we were on the road. ‘We fast, so for the sake of Allah, do not do this’ we said. They replied, ‘you are terrorist, your fast will not be accepted,’ and continued beating. While on the way, an officer threw the long baton and said, 'give me a short baton, I can’t beat with this long one.’ He started to beat our heads. ‘We cannot beat you well in the car, when we go to the bureau chief, then you will see how the beat is,’ they threatened us. The beatings did not offend me that much but the bad words they were yelling really hurt. They put me and my brother-in-law in my separate cells and locked. In there, they started torture with 8-10 police officers.”

The police hit so violently that his middle finger was broken

Indicating that he was subjected to a great deal of violence as a fasting person, Yakar stated that the children who saw the event were also in deteriorated psychology.

 “I still do not understand why they have tortured me. I am not a traitor to the country. I did not have a Molotov in my hand. I did not have any criminal elements in my car. My children depressed. I came to the hospital tonight and my little child was crying and saying, ‘do not take my father away.’ My children is 2 and half years old and depressed in that age. I was fast and hadn’t break my fast yet. A Muslim do not do that to another Muslim. A Muslim do not even do that to a disbeliever. They dragged me down when I was fast. I fainted in the first stage. They poured water on my face to wake me up. Their second word was terrorist every time they were beating me. An officer's right middle finger was broken by beating me, and he said to his other friend there, ‘my finger is broken, you break the arm of that bastard!”

“Even we were fasting and they used tear-gas”

Efraim Yakar's wife, Selma Yakar, explained the moments when she witnessed: “We were invited to my mother that night for dinner. My husband phoned and said, ‘I am coming so come to down’. I heard a crowd of voices. I saw our car when I went out to the balcony. ‘O Allah please help’ I said and rushed to down. I couldn’t see my husband. I moved forward and saw they laid my husband on the floor. Even he was fast, they used pepper gas and his mouth was bubbling. They attacked on us right after I said, ‘Let us go for the sake of Allah’. ‘This vehicle will be disqualified and your husband will not get rid of torture, definitely we will not get him out of there,’ they said and threatened us in front of all those people.”

“We would not stay in the streets until the morning of July 15th if we were treasonous”

Selma Yakar, stated that the police had beaten everybody in front of the children and that they had beaten her husband in front of her and her children said, “Are we terrorist or a traitor? We were on the streets with our children on July 15th.We would not stay in the streets until the morning if we were treasonous. They have lived a little doomsday. Allah may let them live the same. If the state sees what happened, then they should do what it should be done. Our souls have hurt, we don’t want another’s soul to hurt. They torture people trust in uniform are wearing.”

“They dragged me on the floor, they beat my head, pull my hair”

Mother Gülşen Yakar said she heard noises and went to the scene and fainted after what she has witnessed, “When I woke up, I begged them to let me go to my son. They were pushing me away. Then they attacked on me. They dragged me on the floor, hit my head to the floor, pulled my hair. ‘My son has gone’ I was saying. They were replying, ‘he should die’. They beat me up and put in the car.”

“They did not give my headscarf I wanted ... They punched my back ... They did not unlock handcuff even in lavabo

“Will a woman's hand ever be handcuffed?” Mother Yakar asked, “My son was taken directly to torture there, and there my headscarf was dropped. I wanted a cover. They said, ‘nothing will happen if you not have a covered head.’ They did not bring me a cover. While were in custody, they punched my back. Pushed me to the garden. My hands were almost would bread because of handcuff. Unlock my hands so I need to go lavabo I said but they didn’t unlock.”

Efraim Yakar's aunt Yıldız Gezer also said that the police beat her nephew and said, “I asked the police ‘what is the crime, why are you doing this?’ they told me to  ‘fu.. off’”. (Mustafa Bikeç - ILKHA)

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