Tanrikulu: Suruc event was an operation to get Turkey involved with Syria

Tanrikulu: Suruc event was an operation to get Turkey involved with Syria

Added date : 2015-07-29 10:15

DIYARBAKIR - Indicating that Suruc event was a successful operation to take Turkey to Syria, HUDA PAR Diyarbakir Provincial Chairman Seyhmus Tanrikulu, drew attention to Turkey reopening the Incirlik Air Base the US.

Tanrikulu: Suruc event was an operation to get Turkey involved with Syria

Evaluating raising violent events and the changing agenda in Turkey after the Suruc explosion HUDA PAR Diyarbakir Provincial Chairman Seyhmus Tanrikulu, did striking comments. Tanrikulu, said that Suruc explosion was the turning point and successful operation to take Turkey into Syria, drew attention to Turkey reopening the Incirlik Air Base to US.

Indicating that coalition forces established under the name of fight with ISIS couldn’t get any result to Take Turkey to Syria Tanrikulu, said but after the explosion in Suruc these forces reached their goal.

Tanrikulu indicated that from even from the first hours after the explosion ISIS was blamed with explosion but he drew attention to ISIS haven’t taken the responsibility of the attack so far.

Stating that the Incirlik Air base was opened to US after the negotiations between America and Turkey, Tanrikulu indicated that the attack in Suruc was used as an excuse.

Tanrikulu, emphasized that Turkey joined the coalition with some conditions, indicated that these conditions were; no-fly zone, establishing a safe zone in Syria, and the placement of refugees there.

"Coalition is inconclusive, there will perhaps be inevitable early election"

Referring to efforts to establishment of government after the General elections Tanrikulu, because it has seen that there were no results in the coalition he said that it is inevitable an early election.

"Within the solution process the region was left to the PKK"

Referring that by making operations PKK and ISIS AK Party is trying to regrow prestige it lost Tanrikulu said, "in particular the region was left to the PKK with the the solution process, the PKK being armed and these armed elements to go villages, counties and city ​​centers, binding tribute to the people and businessmen in Kurdistan, Kurdistan people being victims by roads being cut and pressure over the civilians, kidnappings blackmailing were always ignored."

"The government has ignored the abduction of children in the mountains"

Tanrikulu drew attention that it was ignored the leftist groups to go Kobane and get the war training, he said, "Especially  leftist, Marxist, Leninist, socialist and communist-minded people in Turkey were taken to Kobane and they have taken 3 to 5 months of training. These groups who were trained and were sent back to Turkey was actually showing that there was a big danger waiting for Turkey. The government ignored the Children between 13 to 15 years of age being kidnapped to mountains."

"Innocent people were massacred on 6 and 7 October"

Saying that PKK collected big amount of votes from the countryside for election on 7th June, Tanrikulu said that made the HDP arrogant and continued, "We have witnessed the PKK closing the roads in the City center on the Kurdish people to, street controls, the violence that feared people and tried to stop the voice of people who oppose them. Many innocent people were murdered on 6 to 8 October event."

Underlining that life and property of Kurdish people was under the danger, thousands of businesses were burned due to events of HDP / PKK, Tanrikulu said, "So far the solution process turned to the mutual collusion conducted under the name of solution process but we have expressed that it wouldn’t benefit the public. And finally we all have witnessed that the attitude of the HDP and PKK was changed. The bomb explosion happening in Suruc at a time of which More confrontational use of a language, threats rained down and the PKK / KCK calling that the solution process was finished and calling people to resistance, proves the fact that the fact that the bomb explosion was just a flare." (ILKHA)

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