Truck hits a bus carrying girl students: 2 dead 16 injured

Truck hits a bus carrying girl students: 2 dead 16 injured

Added date : 2017-07-10 11:27

BURSA - 16 people were injured when two people lost their lives in the accident that resulted in the crash of a bus-carrying girls students from Diyarbakır to Bursa.

Truck hits a bus carrying girl students: 2 dead 16 injured

It was learned that the driver pulled over the bus due to the complaints of students having nausea. 2 students lost their lives and 16 injured after a van rammed into students staying on the side of the road.

The accident, took place in the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir highway, near the Karsak entrance. According to the information, 91 female students came to Sabiha Gökçen Airport by plane from Diyarbakır for Bursa tour with the organization of Diyanet Presidency moved to Bursa by 2 buses.

The bus driver stopped the bus at the roadside, complaining of some students' nausea. Meanwhile, 16 JDL 86-plate light commercial vehicle in the same direction was driving by Sedrettin Eroy, rammed into students on the roadside.

Upon notification, a large number of health, search and rescue teams and gendarmes were sent to the scene.

Edanur Yıldız, 13, and Semanur Tekinhatun, 13, were determined that lost their life at the accident site.

Wounded people were rushed to hospitals in Orhangazi, Gemlik and Bursa, both drivers were taken into custody.

The accident investigation is ongoing. (ILKHA)

YASAL UYARI: Yayınlanan yazılı haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tüm hakları İlke Haber Ajansı A.Ş.'ye aittir. Hiçbir surette haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tamamı veya bir kısmı yazılı sözleşme yapılmadan veya abone olmadan kullanılamaz.

“Women and children most affected by war”

“Women and children most affected by war”

2017-09-22 16:33:32

The Minister of Family and Social Policy, who continued her contacts in Gaziantep, pointed out the civil war in Syria and said that the most affected people were women and children.

HUDA PAR’s Hegira New Year message

HUDA PAR’s Hegira New Year message

2017-09-22 15:59:53

HUDA PAR has issued a message on Hegira New Year.

Plane crash in Istanbul’s airport: 4 injured

Plane crash in Istanbul’s airport: 4 injured

2017-09-22 13:46:16

Four people were injured in the accident during the land of a private jet registered as TC-KON.

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“70 thousand Syrian children were educated in Gaziantep”

Metropolitan Mayor Şahin stated that while the schooling rate of Syrian children in Turkiye is 30 percent, Gaziantep has doubled this rate and said that 70 thousand Syrian children are educated.

“We must work hard for the resurrection of ummah”

“We must work harder than ever for the resurrection of the ummah in the oneness (tawhid) and unity (wahdat) fountain, which the ummah lose in the unrest fire,” said President of Diyanet Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş.

School excitement of visually impaired students

After the three-month summer vacation, the 2017-2018 academic year has begun, while visually handicapped students in Gaziantep also had joy on the first day of school.

Students working in the fields couldn’t start the school

Thousands of students working in agriculture in Turkiye's Şanlıurfa and its provinces were unable to attend classes as the new academic year started.

The military exercise in the Habur region continues

The military exercise which started by Turkish Armed Forces in the morning hours continues.

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