Witnesses narrate July 15 resistance - 1

Witnesses narrate July 15 resistance - 1

Added date : 2017-07-12 12:25

ISTANBUL - A year has passed since 15 July, which was a new milestone in Turkiye's history. That night when unforgettable pains were experienced, a nation exhibit resistance to future generations. One of the standard bearer of this resistance is no doubt Mehmet Ali Kılıç.

Witnesses narrate July 15 resistance - 1

Mehmet Ali Kılıç, one of the youths who was rushed forward in the evening of the US-sponsored coup attempt to say stop to junta and international tutelage, was narrated by his father Abdullah Kılıç.

When the calendars were shown on July 15, 2016, there was an unprecedented resistance in Turkiye against the initiative of the FETO coup attempted organized by forces of imperialism, especially the USA. That night 248 people were martyred, 2 thousand 196 people were injured.

Abdullah Kilic, the father of Mehmet Ali Kılıç, who was shot by a sniper in the US-supported FETO coup attempt, expressed that his son went to the squares for the future of Islam and the Muslims and sacrificed his life in this cause.

Mehmet Ali Kılıç, who had studied in Mechanical Engineering department at Namık Kemal University and was originally from Bitlis, was the oldest child of his parents.

When Mehmet Ali, 22, went out to the squares to resist the coup, the arm was in pain. He went to the Bosphorus Bridge to stop the putschist despite the pain of his arm, where he was shot and martyred by a sniper.

"They sacrificed their lives with pleasure”

Telling to ILKHA’s correspondent what they have lived on July 15th night, father Abdullah Kiliç said, “Mehmet Ali has been respectful to his older and smaller people since his early ages. He graduated as mechanical engineering. He was very attached to his surroundings, nation, religion, homeland and flag. Muslims already poured out for their flag. Rather, they went to the street for Islam to not be lost. The martyrs did not go out for any expectation. They sacrificed their lives with pleasure.”

“He kissed his mother the last time before he left the house”

Mehmet Ali, who kissed his mother the last time when he was leaving the house, asked his mother to kiss him too as if he knew he was going to martyred, normally he wouldn’t do this.

Father Kılıç, telling about the day of July 15, expressed the last day of his son Mehmet Ali, saying what they lived as the family during the day and night:

“Mehmet Ali had gone to swimming to the sea with his friends on July 15. He did not tell us that he was going to the sea, he only told his younger brother. After the return he said, ‘I went to the swimming,’ his mother reacted, ‘what would happen if you drowned?’ His left shoulder was aching due to swimming. He couldn’t stop due to pain that night. Said ‘I will go to the hospital’. He had his dinner and went out. Normally he wouldn’t kiss his mother when he went out. First time he kissed his mother and asked his mother to kiss him too. The hospital gave an injection and asked him to come back tomorrow for radiography if the pain continues. He didn’t come back to home after hospital. Went to the shop in the corner of the neighborhood. They watched the news in the shop of his friend. When they heard the news he phoned me and said ‘dad you know that something happened, turn on the TV and see. The President asking people to pour into streets. I am going.’ I said, ‘you have pain, don’t go.’ ‘No dad, my pain has gone.’ We knew that he was there for 2-3 hours around AK Party building. After 12 o'clock, he took his friend's bike and went to the bridge. Till to 3-4 o'clock we did not know that he was on the bridge. He went there with a 13-year-old friend. He even got angry at his friend saying, ‘you go home, your mommy, daddy will wonder about you’. The boy was injured by a bullet. He brought him up to the ambulance. Then his friend asking him, ‘Mehmet, you come with me’, he says ‘I have things to do, my job is not finished here’. That kid had nothing serious, he got rid of it. It was like 4-5 o'clock. We phoned again, we got angry to him, asked him to come back. He replayed 3 times that he can’t. His mother prepared his bed for him saying he would be tired when he is home. After a while, one of his friend called and said that my son was injured, he was taken to the hospital.”

“His face was smiling when he was martyred”

Father narrated that he went to the hospital to find his son, at the end of a hard search he found his son in the morgue and his face was smiling. “We went to the hospital. They told us that there is no one here with this name. We asked some other people. Someone took us to the morgue. He wasn’t him. We got angry to that person because we knew my son was taken to this hospital. We were told that he is in the area where the serious wounded were in. We didn’t find him there too. We had a neighbor working in the hospital. He took us again to the morgue. We found him there. When I saw Mehmet Ali, I was relief. I thought Mehmet Ali was alive. I said ‘he is not dead,’ because he was smiling. We got closer listened his breath, there was no sound. Touched to his face, his face was cold. That time I figured out that Mehmet Ali has martyred.”

“If the putschist are executed, there will not be another repeat”

Kılıç asking those who are involved in the coup to be executed, “I wish mercy from Allah on all the martyrs. Allah may give no opportunity for those who are tyrants. We demand the execution of the putschist. If they are not executed, they can be released if another government come to rule. It will be unforgettable for many years if they are hanged. I hope that all the Muslims will be united.” (Mustafa Bikeç, Zeki Aras - ILKHA)

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