Eye of justice is closed to ill convict

Eye of justice is closed to ill convict

Added date : 2017-07-12 15:49

ANKARA - Seyhmus Alpoy, who was expected to have an operation on Thursday due to colon cancer caught in the prison last year, his wife, Mrs. Suat, said that the justice closed its eyes to religious prisoners.

Eye of justice is closed to ill convict

Seyhmus Alpsoy, who had been detained for 18 years due to his Islamic identity, was transferred to the Tekirdağ Number 2 F Type Prison from Sincan Number 2 F Type Prison after 15 July US-based coup attempt. After getting sick here, Alpsoy who wasn’t event taken to infirmary, was taken to the hospital after his situation got worse.

Alpsoy who were diagnosed with colon cancer at the hospital were referred to Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital with the initiative of his lawyers. Mrs. Suat, wife of Alpsoy, claimed that secret death penalty policy had been applied to her husband.

Saying that when it comes to religious prisoners, the eye of justice is closed, Mrs. Suat addressed the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice, especially President Erdoğan, and asked them to stop the persecution.

Suat Alpsoy, who had been detained in prison for about 18 years, his wife stated that her husband is a victim of the February 28, the only reason why her husband is not kept in prison because of his Islamic identity.

“They did not give his medication in the hospital for 5 days”

In Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital, the doctors wrote drugs on Friday, but the drug came Thursday, indicating that Mrs. Suat, said: “They did not bring the drug for 5 days. When I ask, they were saying, ‘the Interior, Justice and Health ministries search for drugs.’ The three ministries are searching and they cannot bring drugs? Is it so hard to bring a medicine? They had to take urology before the Eid, but they did not take it by saying ‘there is no soldiers’.”

“Doctors give no hope for Thursday's surgery”

Mrs. Suat, who said that her husband was hospitalized in Urology Department in Ankara Numune Hospital yesterday, and she went to the hospital and talked to a doctor, said, “Doctor said, ‘we will take vesica urinaria for sure. They also said there were bulks in the colon. Maybe it would be good if the bulk is taken completely through the interview we made with the oncology, but if they cannot get it, we cannot say anything. Only 4 or 5 people can get rid of it among 10 people who have this operation.’  Now we do not know, something that is left to God. I hope he would be well. Even now, the bleeding continues. Doctors also give no hope. Most likely he will be operated on Thursday. My children, at least, before the surgery to see their father, but the prosecutor was not in his office. They will go again, but I do not think the prosecutor will give permission.”

“Wish he could spend his last days with his children”

Mrs. Suat, who asked for her husband to spend his last days with his children, said she did not know what kind of results would come out of the surgery. Mrs. Suat expressed that the doctors gave no hope, even if he survived after surgery, she said that her husband would be like a half man living with a bag.” (M. Salih Keskin, M. Hüseyin Temel - ILKHA)

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