‘Capital punishment is a proof that constitution is no more in practice in Egypt’

‘Capital punishment is a proof that constitution is no more in practice in Egypt’

Added date : 2015-05-18 11:10

DIYARBAKIR - Speaking about death warrant of Mursi, Former Muslim Brotherhood Member of Parliament Osama Cado said that "Death sentence in Egypt causing the reaction of people and causes awakening of people. This decision proves that there is no a valid constitution in Egypt."

‘Capital punishment is a proof that constitution is no more in practice in Egypt’

Coming to Diyarbakir to make several visits, former Member of Parliament Osama Cado, has spoken to Ilke News Agency (ILKHA) about last events in Egypt.

Cado, said that it wasn’t acceptable that junta courts execute sentenced for elected first president of Egypt Mohammed Mursi and the Brotherhood.

"These provisions will destabilize the Egypt"

Indicating that death decisions, prove that there is no valid constitution in Egypt Cado, said that "From the beginning We say that such provisions won't benefit Egypt and will disrupt the stability of Egypt. This is a proof that there is no a valid constitution in Egypt. Such provisions will help to transform the revolutionary youth of Egypt to revolt the Egypt to the land of freedom.”

"The people of Egypt are objecting the death sentence"

Stating that the Egyptian people are against the death sentence Cado, said that:

"Brotherhood, has been patient so far for its legitimacy and people's freedom. Expressed this in Demonstrations in the squares as well. A revival is seen by the people against the bloody coup. Egypt's current economic crisis, death sentence of  the president of their choice and the chairman of the World Association of Scholars  takes reaction of the people and causes an awakening on them."

"Pharaoh wasn’t over in Egypt but he was just hiding"

Stating that Pharaohs were never finished in Egypt but came through stage for various reasons in history, Cado said that "Pharaoh didn’t finish in Egypt, but rather was hiding. Just it came on the field with his troops once again. I want to say to my people of Egypt, be patient as the Prophet said to the Ammar family. We will continue to our case that we have started with our children and adults. We trust Islamic Ummah, we trust our youth people and our ladies. Many of our members didn’t despair despite detentions and torture. They are the hope of Egypt. We know very well that the state of cruelty is mortal but the state of freedom is forever.” (ILKHA)

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