22 greenhouses built on 401 thousand square meter field

22 greenhouses built on 401 thousand square meter field

Added date : 2015-08-03 11:38

DIYARBAKIR - Director of Diyarbakır provincial directorate of Food, Agriculture and livestock, Mustafa Ertan Atalar said that 22 greenhouses were founded in 401 thousand square meter field in accordance with Rural Development support investments projects.

22 greenhouses built on 401 thousand square meter field

Provincial Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mustafa Ertan Atalar has spoken to our news agency (ILKHA) about the current position of Diyarbakır’s agricultural activities.

Atalar said,” Diyarbakır district has approximately 7 million decare of agriculture field. It may change from year to year but roughly 4 million of this land is for grain plantation, 250 000 of it for corn plantation and 400 000 of it is for cotton plantation. Our lentil plantation is about 450 000 decare but 4000 or 5000 decare cultivation area drops off by years.  We have a remarkable production in the region. Lately we are working hard to develop fruit growing in the city. We have applied some projects in the region.”

7 kinds of fruit gardens built

Expressing that some projects have been put into action so as to develop fruit growing, Atalar said that,” In 7 kinds of fruit gardens were built spending 31 million of Turkish lira which was granted within the scope of the Diyarbakır, Batman, and Siirt Rural Development Project; such as vineyard, almond, chestnut, plum and pomegranate.. We progressed in that now it’s the time to get productivity. We mostly concentrate on the projects implemented in the north of the region where the land is rough.

Products sent to cities nearby, Mersin and İstanbul

Giving the information of 22 green houses were built on a 401 000 square meter area, Atalar added that,” we built 5 and a half million of dotation to build these green houses. Nearly 10 -11 thousand tons of vegetables, especially tomato and cucumber, is being produced in these green houses. These vegetables are sent both to cities in the region and Mersin and İstanbul. These are the green houses in which we used alternate energy sources. We will continue to build new green houses in the region in the coming days

The matter of Joint owned Deeds is a serious problem in the region

On the other hand emphasizing that the matter of Joint Owned Deed is still a serious problem in the region, Atalar said as his last words that,” The matter of joint owned deed is a serious problem in our region. Almost 100-200 shareholders share a deed. In the future therefore, there will be serious problems in the point of possession we try to provide separate deeds to these shareholders. It is easy when the shareholders come to an agreement. We try to gather the people whose lands were separated. And one of most useful sides of that is it renders possible to bring one front of the land to roadside.” (ILKHA)

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The reason of economic crisis is economic immorality

The reason of economic crisis is economic immorality

2015-10-22 14:44:37

Speaking in the conference held in Sakarya University Prof. Dr. Ali Karadagi chairman of World Scholars Union said, the real reason of economic crisis is economic immorality and mentioned the importance of Zakat.

Tourism Professionals concern about recent events

Tourism Professionals concern about recent events

2015-08-08 12:47:55

The latest events and developments in the region hit tourism. Head of Mardin Tourism and hotelkeepers Association (MARTOD), Azat Gungor said that reconciliation process must resume.

Entrepreneurs feel insecure to invest in the region

Entrepreneurs feel insecure to invest in the region

2015-08-05 17:42:25

Saying that the last incidents in the country have made the entrepreneurs feel insecure to make investments in the region, chambers of commerce and businessmen noted that, the last developments are destabilizing the economy.

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