Ammar’s only wish is to run and play like his friends

Ammar’s only wish is to run and play like his friends

Added date : 2015-08-03 15:40

MARDIN - The Syrian family that had escaped from the civil war in Syria moved to Mardin/Kiziltepe. They are awaiting help from those authorized for their son who is on a wheelchair due to lack of growth in his leg muscles.

Ammar’s only wish is to run and play like his friends

Ismail Muhammed (41) came to Kiziltepe 2,5 years ago with his wife Zeynep Musa (36), children Ammar Ismail (13), Henadi Ismail (10), Lorin Ismail (7) and Ahmet Ismail (3). Ismail is seeking help for his son from those who are authorized and helpful.

Ismail Muhammed who is a father of 4 supports his family by doing the irrigation works in the village. They first realised their son’s illness when the first started to walk but could not take him to a well-equipped hospital due to their financial status. They reported that their son could walk when he was first diagnosed with this illness but the illness got worse as he grew older.

“I realized my son’s illness when he first started walking”

Ismail Muhammed says, “After the civil war in Syria, I moved to a village in Kiziltepe with my wife and children due to financial hardships. When my son first started walking we realized it was abnormal. We took him doctors. They said his leg muscles aren’t working. They said this illness does not have a cure. We couldn’t take him to a well-equipped hospital due to financial hardships. At first he walked even though he struggled. As he grew up, his illness has also developed and now he can’t walk at all.”

“I took my son to Diyarbakir and came across different issues every time”

After moving to Turkey, he claims he took his son to Diyarbakir a few times and came across different problems. He says, “After moving to Turkey I took my son to Mardin. They referred us to the hospital in Diyarbakir. When we first went they said we don’t have a referral. The second time we went they said there are no doctors. The third time we went they said we no longer take Syrian patients so we came back because we are foreigners. Syrian Dad, “I want to take my son to Istanbul or Ankara for his treatment but am unable to do so due to financial hardships. I am waiting for help from the Prime minister, President and other volunteers for my sons treatment.”

“My son is confined to a wheelchair because we don’t have money”

Syrian mother Zeynep Musa says, “When my son first started walking he was struggling so we took him to the doctors. They said his muscles are not working. When his illness was diagnosed we couldn’t take him to a well-equipped hospital because we couldn’t afford it. He stayed like that. Now he can’t walk at all. He is confined to a wheelchair. I meet his needs but he has grown now so when his father is not at home I can’t lift him up.”

“My son is grieved because he is unable to run and play with is friends.”

He can’t go out or play with his siblings or friends. He always feels low. He keeps asking me, “Mum why did I become like this? Why can’t I walk like my siblings? Why can’t I play?” I am devastated when I see him like this. Sometimes when we take him out on his wheelchair, children mock him and some of them beat him and he cannot defend himself. I am calling out to those who can help to help for my son’s treatment.

“I want to get well as soon as possible and run and play like my friends.”

Ammar says, “When my friends play football, I look at them and get very upset. I also want to play like them but am unable to do so. Sometimes they hit me and I can’t defend myself. I want to get well as soon as possible and run and play like my friends.” (ILKHA)

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