Hurricane Irma approaches the US at 295 kilometers per hour

Hurricane Irma approaches the US at 295 kilometers per hour

Added date : 2017-09-07 10:12

NEWS CENTER - While the Irma Hurricane, which is one of the strongest hurricanes in the Atlantic, is reaching the Caribbean, it is expected to hit Florida on the weekend.

Hurricane Irma approaches the US at 295 kilometers per hour

Hurricane Irma, one of the strongest hurricanes on the Atlantic, has reached the Barbuda and Antigua islands in the Caribbean. The hurricane, which is classified as the highest grade of strong in the 5th category, is expected to reach the Florida state of the US via Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands by the end of the week.

The Miami-based US National Hurricane Center estimates that the hurricane, which has reached 295 kilometers per hour, will be a “potential catastrophe”.

The hurricane will cause waves in some areas to 7 meters in height

The Irma Hurricane is the second natural disaster that the United States will live in a short period of time after Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas shores in the past month and is categorized as “Category 4”. The hurricane also predicts that the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Haiti would effectively cause landslides. According to meteorologists, the hurricane Irma might cause waves up to 7 meters high in some areas.

US President Donald Trump declared the entire disaster area of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Florida state a few days before the hurricane reached the US soil. In the Bahamas, 6 small islands were evacuated.

When schools and businesses were closed in Puerto Rico, it was announced that a $ 15 million budget was already allocated for possible search and rescue and reconstruction work.

After Harvey Hurricane

The disastrous results of the Harvey Hurricane, which has been effective since August 26 in the state of Texas, is emerging. The strongest hurricanes of the past 12 years directly affect the lives of more than a million people, so far 42 people have lost their lives due to the storm.

Thousands of people who had to leave their homes and rescued from the flood waters began to return, and hundreds of thousands of them were still unable to access drinking water because of the damage caused by overflowing rivers.

Harvey, the largest hurricane that the Texas state has encountered in the past 50 years, is also the largest natural disaster the United States has faced since the hurricane Katrina in 2005. 

The US government requested 7 billion 850 thousand dollars from the Congress for rescue and restructuring activities. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that the trail of disaster would need to be erased and that 125 billion dollars would be needed for life to return to normal conditions. The 2005 Katrina Hurricane bill was $ 110 billion.

Hurricane Harvey had a 480-mile lane in southern coastal areas of the United States, which was affected by heavy rainfall and subsequent floods. (Veysi Tezelci - ILKHA)

YASAL UYARI: Yayınlanan yazılı haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tüm hakları İlke Haber Ajansı A.Ş.'ye aittir. Hiçbir surette haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tamamı veya bir kısmı yazılı sözleşme yapılmadan veya abone olmadan kullanılamaz.

Erdoğan brings the US support to PKK up in Business Forum

Erdoğan brings the US support to PKK up in Business Forum

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Important statements from President Erdoğan

Important statements from President Erdoğan

2017-09-20 17:26:34

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“Girl students should be able to study in every school they want with their scarves”

“Girl students should be able to study in every school they want with their scarves”

2017-09-20 16:38:43

HUDA PAR Education Department emphasized that girl students should be able to study in every school they want with their scarves by drawing attention to the many problems in education in the message which is published due to the beginning of the academic year.

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