'We want to ask for support, in order to be the voice of İslam in Parliament'

'We want to ask for support, in order to be the voice of İslam in Parliament'

Added date : 2015-05-18 13:25

BINGOL - Supported by Huda-Par in 2015 parliament elections Bingol independent candidate Sait Sahin, addressed public meeting in the context of election facilities in Arakonak resort.

'We want to ask for support, in order to be the voice of İslam in Parliament'

Supported by Huda-Par in 2015 elections Bingol independent parliament candidate Sait Sahin, in Arakonak district said that ‘’We ask for your support, so that we can be voice of İslam in the Parliament.’’

Indicating that, the candidates who emerged for Bingöl citizens to vote, do not carry sensitivities of the people of Bingöl. Stating that he will give lesson to those candidates Sahin, have explained why they should vote for them.

Sahin said that "People of Bingol  will say that 'we will give lesson to those are unsuitable to our Islam and those who are unsuitable to our ethics.' Dear brothers and sisters, we don’t ask for your support in order to have chair positions, get high wages, just to be in Parliament and to live in pleasure. We ask for your support in order to be the voice of Islam in parliament. ‘’

"The prostitution spread widely”

Stating about the existance of a parliament to be allowing the adultery by laws Sahin emphasized that, prostitution spread in the country after the laws that ban fornication were canceled.

Sahin pointed to irregularities occured, "It is forbidden to perform the religious marriages in this country, without formal marriage done, imams that solemnize religious marriage are found guilty. Those who solemnize Religious marriage went to court according to a complaint say that ‘they have a relationship, out of marriage in order not to be punished’. So they released if they live together and are out of marriage. But they get punished if they say that they are solemnized religious marriage.

Reminding about the X (unknown) term used for Surah Fatiha that was read in Parliamanet, Sahin continued:

"In fact, the Parliamenters were there, knew very good that it was Fatiha read. But the Surah-Fatiha has become something unknown. Why? Because, now there is a Parliament that excludes Islam so much. There is a Parliament that, In order Islam’s chapters not to go through the records uses X description. We will stop this if we are in parliament. We will say that what was read is Surah Fatihah, those people are Muslims, those people's religion is Islam. We will say that this is Fatiha was read and we will ask for it to be recorded as the Fatiha was read. Reason why I am telling these is. Because there is no Islam  on the agenda of many politicians. All parties are calling for commitments over financial development. And some are saying lies and promises of herpes. "

"We need Parliamenters that would deal with society's spirituality"

Indicating that , they do not deny that there has been good progress in economic case for comunity comparing to 15 years ago but economic development doesn’t mean everything Sahin continued “The best is to relise that the spirituality is not as good and paralel with the economy.”

Sahin said that, " Drugs spread widely. Divorce rate reached to 40 percent. Crime commitment spread as well. A few years ago there were 50 thousand people in prisons today there are 165 thousand people in prisons. The number of prisoners increased to 110 thousand people. As the spirituality, faith and manners decreases in the community, the community commits crime and turns to insane. That is why children becoming victims of lust monsters. That is why, we need parliamenters that would be the voice of Islam in Parliament. That is why as we need parliamenters who deals with the materiality of the society, also we need parliamanters who would deal spirituality, faith, Islam and morality of the society. That is why we say that; ‘’We have a word to say in parliament.’’ The way that word is strong and effective is if it was said in the Parliament. If the public supports us then the Word will be strong, you have the power. If you support us then our Word will be strong." He said.

"Unfortunately, the Parliamentars that chosen on you behalf are running after bidding "

Emphasing that the elected Parliamenters are running after bidding rather then dealing with problems of the cities, be voice of justice Sahin, Said that if they are chosen for Parliament as independent Hur- candidates, they will go ahead of this problem as well and protect the peace and rights of citizens.

Sahin said taht, "Us being in Parliament is important for the fate of this region. The future and fate of this region is being elected. Us being in Parliament means the future of this community. Us being in Parliament is necessary for faith, belief, justice and peace of the region. ‘’

After, Sahin visited the patients in Arakonak region. (ILKHA)

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