Summer school program by Bursa Ikra-Der

Summer school program by Bursa Ikra-Der

Added date : 2015-08-21 14:41

BURSA - Bursa Ikra-Der started its ‘Faith saplings' summer program for high school children.

Summer school program by Bursa Ikra-Der

Bursa Ikra Education, Culture and Solidarity Association (Ikra Der) Headquarters started its ‘Faith seedlings’ summer program secondary and high school students.

Winning the fond of the community by its cultural education programs Ikra-Der, started its ‘Faith seedlings’ summer program in 14 different branches in Bursa training valley.

The summer school program, which will run for 13 days, consisting of 50 students in middle and high school students participated.

In the training valley BTSO; Selahattin Aktar boarding school students that connected to Huseyin Sungur high school will receive an intense religious education.

In the summer school the students will receive the lessons of; Holy Koran, Tecvid (Reading Koran), Siyar (Life of prophet (PBUH) catechism and basic religious knowledge, also the students will learn some short prayings as well as morals.

Also at the training that teachers from 6 different branches involved there will various sports activities for students. There will be activities as; Football, Basketball, swimming and some other sport activities, in the course there is big number of participation.

Making statement about the subject, trainer Adem Atli, reported that the summer schools have started.

Giving information about the program which there will be lessons as; Koran, Tecvid, fiqh, Siyar Islamic manners such issues, as well as sports activities, Atli said; “First of all there are lessons of Koran which is the words of our god, Tecvid and InshaAllah we will make competitions of reading Koran in a beautiful way. We have used the name of the summer school as ‘Faith seedlings’ because unfortunately children are living at time of effective blasphemy. And we want to turn these young and innocent seedlings that are not grown in a bad atmosphere, to ‘Faith seedlings’. Because today’s young seedlings will become ingrained sycamore trees of tomorrow."

Atli, finally said; "Insha Allah we are planning to grow these ‘Seedlings of faith’ by teaching them religion, moral and other values and send them back to their families in better conditions.” (ILKHA)

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The history stands purposely while cooperatively we try to destroy

The history stands purposely while cooperatively we try to destroy

2016-10-12 12:21:42

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89 mosques destroyed during the clashes

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The Holy Birth Event to be on air

The Holy Birth Event to be on air

2016-04-16 12:34:07

Prophet Lovers Platform has shared live broadcast frequency info of the Holy Birth Event which is going to be held in Diyarbakır tomorrow

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