'PKK has no justification for using weapons'

'PKK has no justification for using weapons'

Added date : 2015-08-31 12:21

DIYARBAKIR - Vahap Coskun lecturer in Dicle University Faculty of Law, has made explanations about ongoing armed conflict between PKK and the State, stating there is no a winner of this conflict.

'PKK has no justification for using weapons'

Marking the adverse impact of the conflicts in the region and making explanations about the solution process, Vahap Coskun, lecturer at Faculty of Law in Dicle University, said that PKK has no justification for using weapons and the Kurdish people itself is the most get harm in theses clashes.

“Clashes impose pessimism to people”

Indicating that reconciliation process has been lasting for two years brought a lot of gains to the region, Coskun said that, “It is certain that the positive changes has been experienced in the region socially, politically, economically and in judicial fields.”

Coskun said that, “During two years lasting process, the end of clashes and having no any death has convinced people that the sides will reach an ultimate solution. However, the start of the clashes that has been continuing for two months has ruined the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the news of deaths, clashes and protests destroy the positive portrait therefore people feel a disappointment and pessimism expand in the region.”

“Both Government and PKK made mistakes that blocked the process”

Mentioning the mistakes in the process, Coskun expressed that both the government and PKK have made mistakes that leaded to block the process.

Determining three main mistakes in the process, Coskun said that, “The first mistake was; not limiting the time of the process. Of course you may not determine an exact time in this kind of processes at the beginning. But after reaching to a certain level you have to schedule the actions. Unfortunately both sides haven’t taken steps. The second mistake was not doing any action for disambiguation. Government hasn’t expressed its main goals at the end of the process in contrast with that PKK hasn’t revealed its expectations at the end of the process, either. So, not delivering the commitments became the main reason for collapsing the process. One of the biggest mistakes of the government was that they make the basic rights and liberties as matter of negotiations. These matters mustn’t be dragged to the negotiations with PKK. They had already been entitled. Because, these rights aren’t the demands of PKK, but they belong to all Kurds’. Besides, sick sentenced people issue must have been cleared and also mother language issue also must have been reached commitment.”

“Reconciliation Process must be restored transparency”

Remarking the transparency of the process, Coskun said that, “This kind of process consist of 4 phases; touch, dialogue, negotiations and finally solution.”

Coskun, “Naturally, touch and dialogue must be held confidentially. That is to say, you cannot open your kitchen to everyone. But after a point, the results of the negotiations must be opened to public and transparency must be restored.”

“The respondent of Kurdish Problem is the entire region”

Saying, there is a real problem on the issue of respondent of the process, Coskun said that, “During the process taking PKK as a counterpart is partly correct but the process must be evolved into ‘how PKK lay down arms’”

Coskun said that, “If you handle the Kurdish issue in a wide frame to solve the problem, then the entire region is the respondent of this process. These are all NGOs, civilians, parties and all people. In this sense, government must negotiate with everyone. The demands of everyone must be taken in considerations and their thoughts must be handled. The government must have done an extensive study on the issue.”

 “PKK has no justification for using weapons”

Indicating that there is no chance to solve this problem with weapons, Coskun said that, “It is so obvious that state cannot terminate PKK with weapons; as well the PKK cannot kneel down the state with guns.”

Coskun has remarked that, “40 years practice has proven that re-activating weapons only put peoples’ lives in trouble, and will deepen the sorrow of people. PKK has no justifications for using weapons.  Today, there is a wide political means to solve Kurdish issue. PKK also has these means. Using weapons just restricts these means. But I have to underline this that; Kurdish people itself get hurt the most in these clashes.”

“It is people to lose in a war”

Saying that the question of if we return back to 90s? is a right anxiety, Coskun said that, “The conditions of 90s aren’t existed now. But if these clashes are intensified and cause more losses then there is a possibility to be worse than 90s. Every actor in the table must consider that. Probably, if you have asked someone in Syria before the outbreak of civil war in 2010, in what conditions you would be in the future, none would have described the current situation. Unfortunately the Middle East is slippery. No one wins in this war, but it is people going to lose in this war.”

People must not accountable for the State and PKK

Noting that people are stuck between state and PKK, Coskun said that, “If there exists an authority, it must be a legal authority. People mustn’t be accountable for state and PKK. These problematics must be solved if a democratic road is to be followed then the environment must be shaped for this. The other ways of negotiations to be followed such stuck people between PKK and State is not a sustainable way of solution. So, if the process resumes, this ambiguity must be wiped off the road map.” (ILKHA)

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