Summer-camp for students by Bilge-Der association

Summer-camp for students by Bilge-Der association

Added date : 2015-09-05 11:37

ELAZIG - Conducting operations in Elazig, Bilge-Der association organized social activities and spiritual development for students at Caspian Lake.

Summer-camp for students by Bilge-Der association

Carrying out activities in Elazıg, Bilge Education Culture and Solidarity Association (Bilge-Der), prepared spiritual development program for Primary school, secondary school and high school students for a weekly social activities and spiritual development program. The program was hold in Gezin coast property that has cost to the Caspian Lake.

In the content of the program there were Quran lessons, memorization of verses and hadith, tafsir, siyar, catechism lessons have been committed. Besides these, cultural and sporting activities as swimming, football, sports activities such as volleyball were held.

During the program there seminars for guest students that were invited. Attending to meeting the youngsters program Sait Sahin, the author of Dogruhaber newspaper Said; "Dear young people! I hope Allah bless you for participating in such a good program and spending your teenage with such beautiful activities. I hope Allah will put you among those who spend their life with serving for Islam. Plus I would like to thank Bilge-Der for arranging such meaningful program. Allah bless them. "

Also among “Dogruhaber” newspaper journalists Menderes Yildirim and Mehmet Yavuz attended to the program. Mehmet Yavuz gave advices to the youngsters according to their interest, he said; “To live comfortable life Uninterruptible the afterlife one should be like a bird with two wings. In one wing there should be religious knowledge’s as Qur'an, Prophet's life, canon law, religious sciences, the interpretation of Quran, on the other wing there should be the sciences as physics, chemistry, biology, literature, geography and history sciences.’’

Providing information on the program Bilge-Der Board Secretary Ali Yuksel, said; "We are carrying out such activities to the youngsters as Bilge-Der since 2011. Such activities has big amount of spiritual development for students. As the sinning and moral corruption has spread in this age, as Islamic NGOs we will do our best for the future of our young people need our responsibility to be bright also will do our best to get rid of the trap within the will of Allah."

Stating that the program was very useful, among the students Yusuf Cakir (16), said "Memorization of verses and reading books was very productive for me. We had fun and we learned well. It was a very good program."

Another participant among the attenders Can Yusuf Karatas (15), said, "We came from different places of Elazig for this program. Together with our brothers we just met; we had a great week with brotherhood and nice time." (ILKHA)

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