Students of Risale-i Nur from Agri in Hor Hor Madrasah

Students of Risale-i Nur from Agri in Hor Hor Madrasah

Added date : 2015-10-01 13:37

VAN - Mustazaf Community Agri Branch joined the talk of Risale-i Nur seminar held in Agri Branch and visited Ustad Bediuzzaman’s Hor Hor madrasah in Van.

Students of Risale-i Nur from Agri in Hor Hor Madrasah

Students who attend the Kurdish Risale seminars that take place in Mustazaf Community Agri Branch also visited the Hor Hor madrasah in Van as part of their trip. Alongside young people, HUDA PAR Agri Province Coordinator Burhan Aslan and Mustazaf Community Branch President M. Ali Ortac also attended.

Within the frame of the trip, the madrasah that Ustad Beddiuzzaman studied in for 12 years and the Van castle were visited. It was emphasised that the Muslim youngsters are the yeast of the community hence the deterioration of the youngsters will lead to the deterioration of the community.

 The trip began in the morning with breakfast in the garden at the back of the Van castle. After the reading of the Zuhr prayer, the youngsters made their way to Hor Hor madrasah for prayer.

After the prayer Mustazaf Community Association Branch President M. Ali Ortac gave a speech talking about Ustad’s life history, the struggle he gave and the importance of Risale-i Nur.

M. Ali Ortac drew attention to Bediuzzaman’s struggle with his life being at risk. He stated that many prophets have come from prophet Adam to prophet Mohammed and no other prophets will be sent to us and for this reason we will have prophet inheritors who will be coming to direct people to the right path. Ustad Bediuzzaman Said Nursi is an example of a prophet inheritor.  

Ortac continued his speech by saying: “We are in the madrasah where Ustad stayed for 10-12 years. The first exile was from his hometown Mardin to Bitlis. Bitlis governor Omer Pasa devotes a room in his mansion for Ustad Beddiuzzaman. Within the 2 years of his residence in the mansion, Ustad memorises a series of 40 books from Pasa’s library. Meanwhile he meets Tahir Pasa who was the governor of Van at the time. Tahir Pasa has Ustad as a guest in Van.  At that point Beddiuzzaman educates raises students in this madrasah. According to narrations Ustad stays in Van for 10-12 years. Within this time, he memorises a volume of 90 books about scientific knowledge. Hence they named him Beddiuzzaman, the unique of the time.”

Ortac advised the youngsters by saying: "If man forbids himself from sins and protects his eyes, heart, stomach, hand and foot from sinning, they will reach a perfect faith and can challenge the whole universe for the sake of Allah. Ustad Bediuzzaman reached to the highest summit and he has challenged todays Americans and British. He wrote the Quran in a concision style and also wrote the Risale collection. In the Quran it states ‘Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.’ We are constantly complaining about the increase of people lying, paying interest, being shameless and an increase in violence and oppression. If we want to live with the sharia of Allah, then we must get rid of the harams in our lives and replace them with halal (lawful) things. This way Islam will be supreme and dominate us all.”

The event continued with young people playing halay (traditional dance) after eating and visiting the Van Castle. (ILKHA)

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