NGOs in Adana will participate to Yasin Boru case as well

NGOs in Adana will participate to Yasin Boru case as well

Added date : 2015-10-03 11:25

ADANA - Indicating that Yasin Boru and his friends who were massacred by the enemies of all human beings are martyrs of all Islamic ummah, NGO officials stated that they will be participating to the court case that is going to start on 5 October.

NGOs in Adana will participate to Yasin Boru case as well

Reminding that Yasin Boru and his friends were massacred by HDP/PKK members while delivering the meat of sacrificed animals to needy families, NGO officials from Adana stated that Yasin Boru, Huseyin Dakak, Riyat Gunes and Hasan Gokgoz are martyrs of all ummah and indicated that they would participate to the court case that going to start in Ankara on 5th October.

Adana Umut-Der Food Bank chairman Abidin Serin called all conscious NGOs to be involved with the court case that is going to start on 5th October in Ankara

"What is the difference between those who massacred Yasin and the Zionist murderers"

Stating that those who massacred Yasin are a group of those who are enemies of Islam and human being, Serin indicated that all of the world witnessed the atrocities committed but it was ignored for a while. Serin said; " These brothers of us were martyred by the enemies of humanity while distributing sacrificial meat to the poor people of the city. Those who were massacred in The Mavi Marmara ship were martyred by the Zionist soldiers. There is noany different between the Zionist killers and those who massacred Yasin and his friends. "

Drawing attention to that there was a brutality committed on 6-7 October, Serin indicated that those who have massacred Yasin Boru, Huseyin Dakak, Riyat Gunes and Hasan Gokgoz can not be called creatures.

"The media did not want to see the brutality for days"

Indicating that within the conflicts happened on 6-7 October the streets were delivered to chaos, Serin continued as follows: "While they were being attacked during deploying sacrificial meat the Police was missing, the government and state was missing as well. These teenagers were massacred brutally, despite 6 days passed the event wasn’t on the agenda of the society, until that the prime minister of the time have spoken about massacre. Only then some of the media started to realize the brutality. "

"In the past hundreds of attacks were committed on NGOs and that was ignored as well"

Indicating that in the region there were hundreds of attacks committed through Islamic people and Islamic NGOs and those attacks were ignored by the media, Serin said; "During these attacks there were some were injured and some were martyred. There some whose houses and businesses were burnt. Even though we have complained about these to the officials, necessary steps weren’t taken. The government just stepped in when the Police and the soldiers were targeted in the attacks. "

Underlining that the Government must protect people, Serin said : "The state; is obliged to ensure people's life, property, religion, generation and mind safety. There certainly shouldn’t be a civilian or official exclusion. A civilian’s life safety should be minded same way as a police or soldiers life. " 

"Let’s respect the law of the Brotherhood"

Mustazaflar Association Adana Branch Chairman Isa Emre, indicated that they would be followers of the court case that Yasin Boru and his friend’s massacre suspects are being judged. Underlining that that Yasin Boru, Hasan Gokgoz, Huseyin Dakak and Riyat Gunes were were massacred while they were distributing the sacrifial meat to the needy families, Emre indicating that these who committed the massacre, should be punished heavily as they committed the crime with violent feelings that are none humanitarian.

Indicating that all of the conscious people and the NGOs in Turkey should get involved with the court case that going to begin on the 5th October, Emre emphasized that the honor of the humanity should be protected in this way. (ILKHA)

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