The start of winter makes Syrians struggle worse

The start of winter makes Syrians struggle worse

Added date : 2015-10-28 12:08

GAZIANTEP - The Syrians in Gaziantep are struggling in bad living conditions as they are stuck in houses without doors, windows, water facilities or electricity.

The start of winter makes Syrians struggle worse

The state of the Syrian refugees who have migrated to Gaziantep due to the civil war in their country, is very heart breaking. The Syrians who have not been able to rent a house are in ruins buildings struggling with very hard life conditions.

A new drama is added to their life each day. 5 Syrian families consisting of 25 people are currently living in a demolished building without doors or windows, which shows how hard their life is at the moment.

The Syrian families have remarked that they have been living with the support of charities and that they have not had a bath for months. They express that they are living in very horrible standards and they are clueless about what they will be doing during bad weather conditions as winter approaches.

The Syrians living in Gazikent district of Gaziantep’s central Sehitkamil town are calling-out for support from authorities. The families remark that they have no where to go and that they have no food to eat. They underlined that people from the neighbourhood provide food at times and that they are completely living with the support of charities.

“We are in a miserable condition”

Helen Muhammed stated that they have been in Gaziantep for 2 years now and due to her husbands health condition they were unable to pay rent and therefore had to move into the demolished building rather than living on the streets. She hopes the authorities support her family and find her a place to live before winter.

“Our house in Syria was bombed so we came here. We are in a miserable condition. There is no electricity, water, toilet or bathrooms here. Our children are constantly getting ill. We stay in the dark during the night. We are living with the food and blankets provided by the help institutions. We are in very bad conditions,” said Helen Muhammed.

They had to come here due to high rents

Hope Association Secretary Nihat Baksi underlined that they have been doing their best to support the Syrian refugees who came to Gaziantep due to the civil war back home. Baksi underlined that their support is not enough for the Syrians as they are only living with the support of the association.

Baksi remarked that the authorities need to take extra care in helping the Syrian refugees in particular towns where they are mostly located. “The Syrian refugees have moved to Gaziantep due to the civil war in their hometowns. They are now living in very bad housing conditions as rent fees are very high and they cannot find elsewhere to live. This building does not have a door or any windows and they have been staying here for 2 years. We have been supporting them regularly during these 2 years, but our support is not enough for them. They can’t just live with our support,” said Baksi.

Some children are dying because of poor health conditions

The government authorities should be more sensitive said Baksi. Adding that, “They are not living in a healthy environment. There is no air in this building. There are no toilets, electricity or water facilities. The government authorities should also take up the responsibility of taking care of these people and not just expect civil society organisations to support. A place should be arranged for them to stay in with some income. Some children here are dying because of poor health conditions and many children die during winter because they are not taken to hospital.” (ILKHA)

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