'82 Constitution must be changed'

'82 Constitution must be changed'

Added date : 2015-11-10 10:54

NEWS CENTER - Saban Dalgın, chairman of HUR DER spoke on the anniversary of acceptance of 82 Constitution, Dalgın said 82 Constitution must be changed and new constitution must include every side of society.

'82 Constitution must be changed'

Lawyer Saban Dalgın chairman of HUR DER (Association of Human Rights and Independence) who spoke on the acceptance of 82 Constitution on 7th November 1982, Dalgın indicated that 82 Constitution ‘s must be changed definitely and new constitution must enclose every part of the society.

Indicating that 82 Constitution was imposed to people, Dalgın said that, “82 Constitution which was monistic and fascist, was imposed by soldiers. People somewhat made to vote on behalf of constitution that they were threatened to be punished if they hadn’t cast their votes to accept the constitution.”

“Every individual’s freedom, right and just must be considered”

Stating that every individual’s freedom, right and just must be considered in a new constitution, Dalgın said that, “When we have a look at the preamble part of the constitution, we can easily see that this constitution was a product of monotheistic and compelling mindset imposing on people. Change of this constitution is a must. It is clearly understood from the preamble part of it that it is a terrible constitution. A constitution preserving every layer of the society is very urgent. The rights secured by the constitution must be clearer and tangible. This is urgent and must be done immediately.” 

“Reconciliation doesn’t seem if government insists on presidential system”

Reminding that Government has an intention for a presidency system and to do that they want a constitution change, Dalgın added that, “If government put forth the presidential system as a major goal, there won’t be reconciliation.  The preferential issue mustn’t be the presidency system. If presidency system regarded as the primary stipulation whereas the society’s urgent problems such as basic rights of people remain secondarily matters, the society and the other parts of it won’t accept that. So government mustn’t give priority to that subject. Presidential system can be delayed for now to be handled later in the future.”

“Every part’s sensitivity must be taken into account”

Underscoring the necessity of taking every part’s sensitivity into account, Dalgın said that, “Politicians and other sides must feel empathy for each other for protecting the freedom and rights of others. Either it would be MHP or CHP or HDP or AK Party, every part’s sensitivity must be taken into account. The constitution must be in a form that everybody can feel to own it.”

 “Without Presidential system, Turkey can’t improve is a false claim”

Saying that in Republic of Turkey government can be built at this level, Dalgın said, “No need for a coalition government now. President Erdogan can make new progresses with the new government like during his prime ministry. There is no any obstacle to thwart new progresses.  Without presidential system, Turkey cannot improve is a false claim. A new constitution securing and embracing the right and freedom of the opposite sides is a must at that point. A nationalistic, racist and a fascist constitution cannot answer the people’s needs so this constitution must be changed.” (ILKHA)

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