‘Executions in Bangladesh have no legal justifications’

‘Executions in Bangladesh have no legal justifications’

Added date : 2015-11-20 17:44

KAYSERI - Lawyer Hasan Bozdas analysed the execution decision of Ali Ihsan Muhammed Mucahid, the leader of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Party, underlining that the decision of executions in Bangladesh have no legal justifications.

‘Executions in Bangladesh have no legal justifications’

Lawyer Hasan Bozdas from Strategic Thoughts and Analysis Centre (SDAM) analysed the execution decision of Ali Ihsan Muhammed Mucahid, the leader of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Party. Bozdas underlined that such decision is a tyranny of Islamic leaders and the decision of executions have no legal justifications.

“After the independence of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Party and Bangladesh Nationalist Party in 1971 the leaders of both parties went against the idea of unifying. This resulted in war crimes and for this reason after 40 years of independence their trial began in 2010. A holocaust judgment of such cannot be seen anywhere in the world. The leaders who were once ministers, MPs and bureaucrats are now been held liable for the incidents of 40 years ago. This judgment is not subject to international status under the International Criminal Court. The leaders are tried under the legal principles of Bangladesh with other observations. The court board and the prosecution has been directed by the ones in power, this has been proven by several written statements and visual documents but international bodies are still remaining silent to this unlawful judgment. As a result of the judgments Abdulkadir Molla and Muhammed Kameruzzaman the two directors of Jamaat-e-Islami Party were executed. The party’s former educators Gulam Azam and Muhammed Yusuf died in the prison they were held in. Mawlana Dilaver Huseyin Said death penalty has been replaced with a life imprisonment sentence. 9 others are still waiting for their final judgment decision to be confirmed” said Hasan Bozdas.

The Western world, human rights supporters are unresponsive to the executions

Bozdas continued, “Ali Ihsan Muhammed Mucahid’s appeal has now been rejected therefore the verdict of death penalty has been confirmed. Along with this Bangladesh Nationalist Party leader Selahaddin Kadir Covdari has surely been the first victim of the executions. The victims can choose to apologise from the government leader but they are too honourable to do so. They saw their family members today and shortly their executions will be taking place. These people are accused with the most contemptible offences. They are accused of murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping and so on under war crimes but there is no evidence which indicate that they have committed such crimes. Most evidence is due to disappear as it has been 40 years but these people are convicted on the basis of witness statements. The witnesses were young children at the time of the alleged crimes and the Islamic leaders of the state are judged based on the statements of these people. The arguments and evidence of the defendants were not even taken into consideration. Jamaat-e-Islami leaders except Gulam Azam were students at the time of alleged crimes and they have now been declared as criminals to the public for offences they haven’t committed. The Western world who are the supporters of human rights have remained unresponsive wo the executions and have only mentioned that they are worried about the verdicts.”

Bangladesh values strategy

Bozdas remarked that regardless of Bangladesh having an Islamic state status, their governing is still not accepted, “They have accepted Muslim politicians as enemies against them. This stems from the neighbour states such as India and China as well as the West. The neighbour states and Bay of Bengal are the strategic masters of Asia in terms of military and economics. This suggests their will of independent governing. Awami League Party is currently in this status.

Under all circumstances we can say that the Jamaat-e-Islami Party members in Bangladesh are being killed, injured and kidnapped by special operation group named ‘RAB’ but this is not even open to investigation in the country. Help for refugees from Arakan are not allowed in the country. Jamaat-e-Islami Party was banned from helping with the courts decision and they cannot continue with their activities as a political party. Awami League Leader Sheikh Hasina is president Mucibur Rahman’s daughter. Halide Ziya, Bangladesh’s first woman prime minister is also in the target of Sheikh Hasina’s.”

Bozdas stated that they have previously published a detailed report about Bangladesh, “The report included a summary of what is happening in Bangladesh and the legal principles and issues in the judgments. It also included the gaps in trying to stable Sheikh Hasina’s power. Muslim politicians in Bangladesh are being tried, killed and retained just like other Muslims all around the world. Hasina alone does not have the power to do these.” (ILKHA)

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