‘Our values have been insulted under the pretext of protesting violence against woman’

‘Our values have been insulted under the pretext of protesting violence against woman’

Added date : 2015-12-07 11:43

VAN - Visiting Van to perform few numbers of contacts ITTIHAD’UL ULEMA president Molla Enver Kilicarslan carried out some evaluations on insults to religious people’s saints under the pretext of ‘’violence to women’’ by religion enemies and on the up to date issues.

‘Our values have been insulted under the pretext of protesting violence against woman’

Visiting Van to perform a few numbers of contacts, ITTIHADUL ULEMA president Molla Enver Kilicarslan, made some assessments on the insult to saints of religious people under the pretext of “violence to woman” Christmas celebration, lottery tickets the westerns implying exclusion on religious people subjects.

Scholars and Madrasa Association (ITTIHAD'UL ULEMA) Chairman Enver Kılıçarslan, stated that HDPKK is insulting Islam’s and religious people’s saints under the name of “violence against women” pretext.

Carrying on assessment on the subject, Molla Enver Kilicarslan made some statements on the recent issues happened in our country and region.

"Women have rights on men and men have rights on women"

Giving information about rights of women and men Kilicarslan, And the principals that should be implied in case of woman going against man and seeing other man. Kilicarslan said, "The Prophet (PBUH) says ‘The place that is closest to paradise is mine and my favorite is nice morality.’ And the nice morality first starts with showing it to the people that you live with. The best morality is the man to treat woman with being merciful and woman to be respectful towards man. Man should provide woman’s food, drink, expenses and home. Of course in the other hand women to go out with other man or to flirt other people is definitely dirty. After a woman die if her husband was pleased with her Allah will give her heaven. But if she losses her shame and honor man should first advise her, if not leave her on her own in bed, if not should lightly hit her. "

“Kurdish people are modest"

Indicating that in the last few year HDPKK has been attacking to modesty in the name of woman rights, Kilicarslan said “In the cultures that get Communism and Socialism as principles are supporting the ideas of ‘Woman is common asset of the public’ or ‘woman is not anyone’s modest’ ideas. But Muslim Kurds are known by being modest, honor and shame. If someone tells to a Kurd that his wife is not his modest, this person would either hurt himself or the other person said this. Anyway the word of promise of modesty is the word that one used for their mother, wife, sister and daughter. Our prophet Mouhammad says that ‘Three types of people won’t be accepted into paradise. Those are the person who keeps drinking alcohol / drugs, one who tries to look gay / lesbian and ‘Deyyus’ person’. Deyyus is a person who is not jealous of his mother, wife or daughter. And now some people are protesting the violence against woman. Their goal is to make man ‘Deyyus’ and make women loose their modesty. Them saying violence to women is totally excuse. As this situation doesn’t suit nature of human being, it is also against the nature of Islam and Kurdish people. Modesty is amongst one of the most important values of Muslim Kurds. Around you do they not say with no honor to those who are not jealous of seeing their wife with man around? "

"The goal is not to reduce violence against women but to remove Kurds from Islam"

Kılıçarslan made some explanations about the goals of those who pretending to advocating women rights, he said; "Islamic scholars say 'the modesty is good to have but it is best when women have it’ and they also say that being shameless is dirty but if women were shameless is more dirty’ This is for sure that being shameless is a dirty thing. The Prophet (PBUH) said that ‘The sedition that I fear most is the sedition about women! Amongst my ummah there will be naked women, you shouldn’t be like them. Because they are subjected Allah’s curse.’ Today we should pay attention to Christians, Jews, Communists and Kemalists they want women to be naked and none covered. The purpose of these mentalities is to take women away from Islam and to take them away from Islam by using the violence against women”

"The National Lottery tickets not being beneficiary for anyone was experienced"

Warning those who are buying National Lottery tickets due to incoming New Year, Moll Kilicarslan said; "Almighty Allah has banned gambling. Gambling is an unfair advantage from the beginning till the end. Gambling, alcohol and idolatry are the devil's deeds. In order to transfer the money gathered on the new year they make people used of gambling.  Christmas is eid of Christians. Christians celebrate pretext of Jesus’s birthday but actually this is not true. The purpose here is nothing but cheating. Capitalism collects money from people and exploiting them by doing that. Plus it has been experienced that the money earned from the National Lottery haven’t provided any benefit for anyone. Our Prophet (PBUH) said; ‘If someone feeds themselves with Haram food, their good deeds won’t bring them any benefit for the Akhira day for Forty days. The person that feeds themselves with haram deserves Hell.’ So that our ummah should stay away from these traps.”

"UN is silent while the civilians are persecuted in Syria"

Indicating that the UN ignores the civilians being persecuted  and the refugees that have to immigrate due to the conflict, Kilicarslan said that while all the world was protesting the attacks took

Finally Kılıçarslan, "UN speaks about human law. In Syria civilian women, children and old people are being persecuted but everyone is silent. One shouldn’t expect mercy and justice from Christian, Jewish, Secular, Communist and Kemalists. UN-dependent countries are drowning people by blowing their boats. They don’t want the refugees not from their religion and are second class people (according to them) to come to their countries. For that we as Muslims should be merciful and helpful towards each other. Our Prophet (PBUH) said that; ‘If Jewish and Christians have come to your countries do not treat them bad. You should know that if you treat them bad it would be like treating me bad.’ So this is the nice Morality in Islam. Where is the UN that was well against murder after few people killed in France, while 500 people are murdered in one go in Syria?” (ILKHA)

YASAL UYARI: Yayınlanan yazılı haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tüm hakları İlke Haber Ajansı A.Ş.'ye aittir. Hiçbir surette haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tamamı veya bir kısmı yazılı sözleşme yapılmadan veya abone olmadan kullanılamaz.

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