‘Islam will rule the world Again’

‘Islam will rule the world Again’

Added date : 2015-12-18 11:21

BATMAN - In a conference organized by University of Batman Ideal Youth Community with 'West, Turkey and Islam' theme, indicating that there is a problem such as needing the knowledge of west, SDAM (Strategical Thoughts and Analysis Center)president Abdulkadir Turan indicated that Islam will rule the world again.

‘Islam will rule the world Again’

Students have shown great interest to the conference organized by University of Batman ideal youth community with theme of 'West, Turkey and Islam’

The program started with ideal youth community member Huseyin Demirbilek’s recitation of the Holy Koran reading continued with cinevision show with theme of "the West, Turkey and Islam’.

After words Researcher-Writer Abdulkadir Turan, gave a speech about historical knowledge about Islamic geography and west’s war with religion.

Indicating that only the Islamic community that walked within Quran and Sunnah won the west, Turan said that after this Muslims that left Quran and Sunnah divided.

"We are experiencing 2 problems"

Emphasizing that to get developed again should re-wake up, Turan said; "I wish we had not lost our madrasas. I wish our madrasas could graduate scholars as 12th and 13th century. If our human source mechanism worked correctly and if we didn’t surrender to the west in case of information wouldn’t be in that point now. We wouldn’t be in need of information of the west and we wouldn’t be beaten by their information. We are experiencing 2 matters, we both get beaten by the information of the west and also we get in need of their information. If we fall in a position of need, than they will put pressure. We believe that Islam will rule the world again. An article named 'End of History' written and West said that the Islamic world have finished. And right after that and article named 'Clash of Civilizations' was written. Then the west said that’ No the Islamic world didn’t end, the clash of civilizations continuing and our war with Islam never will end. Here is the situation politicization of today, the situation of sinners becoming allies is implied on the clash of civilizations thesis. The west nowadays messing and getting interested with Islam is about thesis of clash of civilizations. I wish we have written a thesis of clash of civilizations on the 16th century as well. Because of this struggle of religion and blasphemy will continue until the Armageddon. So, we have lost as soon as we left the Holy Quran and Sunnah."

"Sinfulness is almost being transformed into a political front"

Drawing attention to that the west is constantly producing projects on Islam and Muslims, Turan said; “One of the last projects of west on Islamic world is politicization of sin. While being sinner was a weakness in Islamic world, now sinfulness is almost to be transformed into a political front. Now the west; have transformed ‘protecting the sinner and to be allies with’ to a project to effective on the Islamic world. That is why now the ideological groups in the Islamic world are spreading sin instead of spreading their ideology. So that they are trying to raise the numbers of allies of the west.”

Also Speaking at the program Ideal Youth Community vice president Fahrettin Turgut, indicated that Allah have often appointed his prophets while they were teenagers. Turgut, said; "So Allah showed them as targets to be an example for teenagers besides constructing a society based on tawhid with teenagers. In the trouble atmosphere of human systems; that abused the teenagers, seeing them as a matter of consumption, turned them to unbeliever, no ideals and in this chaos ambiance that put them apart from their nature, the youth of course needs guidance of Quran. So as ideal youth community our goal is; to save the today’s youth from the bad environment that they have fallen into and also to help them to become like youth that mentioned in the Quran.”

In end of the conference Abdulkadir Turan, signed his books that bought by students. (ILKHA)

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