Important assessments about latest developments from HUDA PAR

Important assessments about latest developments from HUDA PAR

Added date : 2016-01-08 15:58

ANKARA - HUDA PAR conducted assessments about executions in Saudi Arabia, abolitions of immunity of MPs and ongoing armed clashes.

Important assessments about latest developments from HUDA PAR

Conducting assessments about ongoing clashes in the region, sufferings of people, discussion about abolishing of immunity of HDP parliaments and execution of 47 people including Ayatollah Nemr by Saudi regime, HUDA PAR underscored the ongoing clashes that bring people starving, sufferings and migration must be ended immediately and executions are igniting the sedition of sects in Islamic world.

“Clashes that bring people, death, hunger, misery, migration and backwardness must be ended immediately”

Remarking firstly the clashes in parallel with the great suffering Kurdish people have, HUDA PAR has given place these expressions in its weekly assessments: “PKK’s policy of bringing clashes into city centers with digging ditches and barricades, state forces encountered this attribution with curfews and with heavy weapons such as tanks caused great sufferings over people. These clashes which bring people death, hunger, misery, migration and backwardness must be ended immediately. State must maintain security of people’s lives and provision and also try to solve Kurdish problem fairly. Yet, the practices displayed are far from these essential necessities. While fighting against the outlawed organization the security of people’s lives and property breached and instead of getting to the root of the problem, some tactical maneuver is being conducting.” 

“Government cannot solve the Kurdish Problem by changing the name of the same process or changing the counterpart issue”

Mentioning the issue of determining the counterpart for the process in the statement that; “Government cannot solve the chronic Kurdish problem by changing the name of the same process or changing the counterpart issue. Since the government’s determining only one part of Kurds as the single counterpart was a mistake, now they reiterate another mistake by excluding this part of Kurds out of this problem is now another mistake.” 

“We find it wrong and unlawful that the discussions not including violence offering new form of administrations and systems as a crime”

Making explanations about the question of immunity of HDP parliamentarians due to their acts during the recent incidents, HUDA PAR determined that;  “Some HDP parliamentarians during reconciliation process respected highly and regarded and displayed as the natural counterparts however their clear illicit acts and even some deaths occurred over their calls was ignored. While the state which has done nothing against HDP and DBP members who played important roles during 6-8 October protests, now starting a new discussion about abolishing of immunity of some HDP members is another political mistake being made now. We find it wrong and unlawful that the discussions offering new forms of administrations and systems as a crime. The problem is not discussing new form of administrations or systems but the matter must be the imposing this kind of an administration with guns. Regarding PKK’s blind and unconsciousness violence as the essential root for the problem while abstaining from reform works show us that the solution is being sought from wrong points.”

 “Executions igniting sedition between sects”

“Tensions rose after execution of Ayatollah Nemr Bakr en-Nemr by Saudi Arabia forms a basis of sedition between sects.” said in the statement. And it is added that in the statement that; “It has been known for a long time that the relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran is not positive. But, Islamic lands including Egypt, Yemen and of course Syria; the current situation drags these regions into harsh clashes that has never been seen in the history of Islam and turning into a swirl swallowing other countries nearby. The sayings said by Mehmet Gormez, Head of Religious Affairs Directorate, in Iran during the union conference a while ago must be considered as a purpose ‘No any strategy is more valuable than preventing bloodshed of Muslims. No any policy is more valuable than preventing Muslims being divided then kills each other. Muslim countries giving priority to its sects when an execution targets it and remaining silent to an execution from another sect, and western countries’ stance of remaining silent against this much sedition and crime except when a division can cause discord between Muslim countries must be noted.” (ILKHA)

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Important evaluations from HUDA PAR

Important evaluations from HUDA PAR

2016-12-27 12:02:34

In the evaluation of the agenda published by the HUDA PAR headquarters, important statements were made on issues such as the Moscow declaration signed between Turkiye, Iran and Russia, the UNSC's decision on the Zionist regime, and the constitutional amendment.

"Islam has never been an obstacle before the establishment of Kurdistan"

2016-05-20 10:09:47

Speaking in HUDAPAR’s 2nd congress Masoud Barzani’s special envoy Ahmet Kani, indicating that Islam never, nowhere and in any case hasn't been an obstacle before the establishment of Kurdistan Kani, said Kurds should serve to Islam more than any other people.

Yapıcıoğlu restores trust

Yapıcıoğlu restores trust

2016-05-16 16:37:27

At 2nd HUDA PAR Ordinary Congress, current president Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu restores trust.

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Al-Qadr Night performed with prayer and dhikr

The citizens who filled mosques in the program organized relating to the al-Qadr Night which correspond to the end of the month of Ramadan, performed this evening with prayers.

Road accidents in Bitlis: 3 dead, 8 injured

3 people lost their lives in traffic accidents, resulting in the collision of two cars in Bitlis, 8 people were injured.

“May this night be instrumental for the interest of oppressed Muslims”

Political party, NGO, institution representatives and citizens in Batman gave a message about al-Qadr Night which is beneficial than a thousand months were willing to end the bloodshed of Muslims and made wish for tonight to be spent with worship and prayer.

Laylat al-Qadr message from Yapıcıoğlu

HUDA PAR President Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu wishes that al-Qadr Night be instrumental in bringing the Islamic ummah tightly to the Qur'an.

7 thousand 300 people killed in traffic accidents in 2016

As a result of traffic accidents in Turkiye in 2016, 7 thousand 300 people were killed and 303 thousand 812 people were injured.

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