Shopkeepers in Cinar are wrapping their wounds

Shopkeepers in Cinar are wrapping their wounds

Added date : 2016-01-17 17:51

DIYARBAKIR - Damaged in bombed vehicle attack by PKK, shopkeepers in Cinar district of Diyarbakır are wrapping their wounds.

Shopkeepers in Cinar are wrapping their wounds

Last week Friday 6 people including one of them 1 year old 2 children have lost their lives, as a result of bomb loaded vehicle attack. Within the effect of the explosion shops around the area were harmed. Their walls, glasses broken in the explosion, the shopkeepers are trying to return to their daily life by cleaning their shops. As the glass shops in Cinar weren’t enough, Glass masters from Diyarbakır center are trying to wrap their wounds by going to the scene.

Severe explosion broken glass and frames, walls collapsing trades, after making repairs and cleaning are trying to return to everyday life. Glass masters in the plane proved to be insufficient, many glass master from Diyarbakir province is trying to heal the wounds of the injured tradesman came to the plane.

Trying to wrap his wounds due to harm occurred within the effect of the explosion, Nesih Tura said: “ Our shop was harmed due to the explosion happened on the Wednesday evening. We have started to turn to our daily life time by time. After the explosion our business was reduced. This is the present of the 70% support given by people. This event has shown us that PKK doesn’t have religion, language, nationality and traditions.”

"Such an action does not fit humanity"

Decline was experienced in m business after the explosion on Wednesday night, saying Abdullah Tekgul indicated: “Material harm was experienced in our shop after the explosion on Wednesday night. We just experienced material harm but people lost their lives. Such an action to be organized, doesn’t fit in humanity. Those who have lead such an action doesn’t have mercy. Perhaps this is the present of the 70 % support given by Kurdish society. There is a decline in our business after the explosion. We just sit until evening and after we close our shops and go home. After the explosion people are nervous, they go to their homes after it gets dark.”

Also a delegation of the damage assessment commission, held assessments by visiting the shops. Assessing the damage, delegation indicated that the damage will be paid soon to shopkeepers.

Also the mosque was damaged in the explosion

On the other hand, located in the center of town Yesil mosque being harmed caused the reaction of the civilians. Reacting to the mosque being harmed the civilians, indicated that those who have caused the mosque to be in this situation are enemies of people.

Voicing his response, Mehmet Cardak said: “As you see they transferred the war from mountains to the city centers. They put people into the trenches and ditches. They have killed civilians and babies. And now they call this big humanity. This cannot be democracy. They don’t want peace in the Kurdistan.”

Indicating that the mosque have very dramatic situation, Seyhmus Katmer reacted to the mosques being harmed from the conflicts by saying that they are members of the same religion.

Another person from Cinar, Ekrem Abbas voiced his reaction by saying: We don’t have anything to do. I hope Allah will make them pay for this, what can we say, I refer them to Allah. These are overbearing, insult.”  (ILKHA)

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