‘People being victimized to the strife between organizational advantage and political sovereignty’

‘People being victimized to the strife between organizational advantage and political sovereignty’

Added date : 2016-01-20 12:07

ANKARA - In the statement issued by HUDA PAR head office weekly, Sultanahmet and Cinar attacks were condemned initially and it is remarked in the statement that people being victimized to strife between organizational advantage and political sovereignty the conflicts continue in the region in the ongoing conflicts in the region.

‘People being victimized to the strife between organizational advantage and political sovereignty’

HUDA PAR initially conducted assessments about the attacks carried out in Sultanahmet and Cinar, ongoing conflicts in the region and rising Islamophobia in the western world.

At the beginning of the statement condemning the attacks carried out in Sultanahmet and Cinar, HUDA PAR made this statement: “we reject and condemn this kind of mindset tries to legitimate and excusable these type of acts targeting the innocent civilians.

All bodies and organizations which determine violence as an instrument breed only and only fear, chaos and hatred; this type of acts serve only to evil, occupiers and interest axis directly or indirectly and be a main instrument.

“People’s lives, properties, secure and peace being victimized to strife between organization advantage and political sovereignty”

Remarking the clashes ongoing in the region people victimized to strife between gaining organization advantage and political sovereignty, it is said in the statement, “People the major sufferers of these clashes carried to the city centers still have to leave their towns and neighborhoods. People pick up the cost of PKK’s ditch policy that invited the state security forces to the war and state’s passive attitude during the digging of the ditches for a long time then commencing military actions. People’s lives, properties, secure and peace have been being victimized to strife between organization advantage and political sovereignty.”

Indicating conflicts take place in the city centers force people to migrate and evokes the tragedies people lived during 90s, it is said in the statement: “It is reported that 25 percent of the people of these towns have left their homes. 80 percent of the people where heavy conflicts centered upon had already left their neighborhoods. When the people who couldn’t find any way to leave their homes or have no place to go added to that percent we can see the severity of the situation. As we still remember fresh the tragedy and devastation of people from evacuated villages during the clashes in the near past and to prevent such a demographic movement which may cause new tragedies the conflicts must be ceased immediately.”

We regard the declaration signed more by than 1000 academician, as a declaration that bears deviated scales of justice”

Evaluating the topical issue that a declaration which was signed by some academicians, HUDA PAR said they regard this declaration bears deviated scales of justice, but nevertheless the detention of the academicians is also a wrong act.

In the statement: “We invite all sects and parts of the society to act fairly considering the common interest of the whole public not being only the voice of  a particular part of the society. Therefore, we regard the statement which invites the parties to cease the conflicts but however overlooking the violence of PKK, as a kind of declaration that bears deviated scales of justice. Instead of that a fair testimony must be put forward criticizing the mistakes, wrongdoing and violence comes from whomsoever. We remind that any contribution to the Kurdish problem, people’s peace and security can be done this way. Besides this, due to this declaration that however we are not in favor of it, detention of the academicians who didn’t sign a declaration calls on people to violence or didn’t insult anybody is also a very wrong and excessive act.”

Remarking the trend towards making anti-muslim racism acceptable continues to grow relentlessly throughout our western countries, HUDA PAR said the satirical attitude of westerners targeting Muslims’ pain and tragedy is unacceptable.

It is said: “Owing its prosperity and wealth to Muslim countries’ underground and overland sources that they have been weakened by civil wars and domestic disturbance, western countries’ behaviors mocking the Muslims’ faith, holy values, culture, way of living and drams cannot be acceptable. The insults take place in sleazy so called caricature magazines, arsoning the mosques, banning of hijab, racist discourses and similar attacks are growing day by day.

The sleazy media outlet which was claimed by local pro “Charlie Hebdo” mindset which insults Islam and Islamic values in our country on all occasions, over Aylan Kurdi revealed its filthy mindset by insulting Muslims and refugees flee from wars. We condemn and reprobate this hostile point of views towards Muslim individuals regardless of their conscious level of understanding Islam. We wish an awakening for Muslims against those who propound these shameless attacks and insults against Muslims and try to hide their real faces behind the mask of freedom.” (ILKHA)

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Important evaluations from HUDA PAR

Important evaluations from HUDA PAR

2016-12-27 12:02:34

In the evaluation of the agenda published by the HUDA PAR headquarters, important statements were made on issues such as the Moscow declaration signed between Turkiye, Iran and Russia, the UNSC's decision on the Zionist regime, and the constitutional amendment.

"Islam has never been an obstacle before the establishment of Kurdistan"

2016-05-20 10:09:47

Speaking in HUDAPAR’s 2nd congress Masoud Barzani’s special envoy Ahmet Kani, indicating that Islam never, nowhere and in any case hasn't been an obstacle before the establishment of Kurdistan Kani, said Kurds should serve to Islam more than any other people.

Yapıcıoğlu restores trust

Yapıcıoğlu restores trust

2016-05-16 16:37:27

At 2nd HUDA PAR Ordinary Congress, current president Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu restores trust.

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