Remarkable statements from Syrian Kurdish politician Bakr

Remarkable statements from Syrian Kurdish politician Bakr

Added date : 2016-02-20 10:14

NEWS CENTER - Indicating that taking control of their reigon together with Baathist forces, PYD is under the control of PKK, Moustafa Bakr indicated that PYD is handing over the dissident journalists to Syrian intelligance Service.

Remarkable statements from Syrian Kurdish politician Bakr

Stating that acting in conjunction together with Syrian regime, indicating that PYD is under the control of PKK, Kurdish politician Moustafa Bakr said: “PKK’s idea is The origin of Kurdisdh people is not Syria, Kurdish people are originally belong to Turkey and they should turn back to where they belong to.”

Indicating that PYD doesn’t have a Project on solution for Kurdish people, Moustafa Bekr said: “Now they established a canton that even it is not clear whom it belongs to. This canton is like a mirage or a smoke that it is not clear what it is.”

Speaking to Ilke News Agency (ILKHA) about the latest situation, the kurdish politician Moustafa Bakr who is close to ENKS and used to be a politician in PDK-C conducted important statement regarding the region. Indicating that annoucing themselves neither as oppositions nor as regime PYD, is actually acting together with regime, Bakr said PYD is either assacinating or forcing them for deportation.

PYD’S attitude towards the PKK and parties

Indicating that in 1979 founding leaders of PKK Abdullah Öcalan, Kemal Pir, Ahmet Çınar went to Syria and started cooperating with Syrian regime they tried to eliminate oppsitions with blaming them to be agents, Bakr said PKK have been supporting the application of regime not to give ID card Syrian Kurds because they consider them as migrants from Turkey.

Stating that PKK says ‘The origin of Kurdish people is not Syria, so they are originally from Turkey they should turn back to where they belong to’ Bakr said: “Abdullah Öcalan says this in an interview. Even these words of him are written in one of his books called ‘7 days with leaders’ in the book Öcalan says: ‘There is no a region called Kurdistan in Syria, the Kurdish people here are the ones that fled here during the time of Sheikh Said. Their actual country is Turkey so they should turn back to there.’

The role of PYD and ENKS parties in Syria

Indicating that ENKS is union of 11 Kurdish parties and after the domestic war they acted together with opposition and stood against the regime Bakr said PYD have announced themselves as a third party.

Conducting assessments about the Erbil and Dhouk agreements that ENKS and TEV-Dem must act together with Iraqi Kurdistan in military and politic matters, Bakr indifcatied that singing this agreement PYD is dissident to these two agreements.

PYD and Kurdish rights in Geneva

Bakr indicated that PYD has nothing to do with Kurdishness and continued as: “Pyd doesn’t have any program or Project to implement about Kurdish people. Neither in their literature nor in their writings… They even don’t have a Project on the problems of Syrian Kurds. Now they have established a canton but it is even not clear that whom that canton belongs to. It is not clear whether this canton belongs to Syrian Kurds, Arabs or all Kurds. This canton is like a mirage or a smoke that it is not clear what it is.”

Bakr, said: "Today ENKS which is amongst Syrian opposition was called to Geneva. But some countries are trying to announce PYD as representors of Syrian Kurds. And we don’t say that we are the only representors of Kurds not the PYD. We like all Syrian Kurds to obey Dhoulk agreement and collaborating in politic and military cases and to be stronger in Geneva. But they don’t act together with us. And Arabs like PYD to participate Geneva meetings together with regime. So we are saying ‘If PYD acts together with us, then we will participate to the Geneva meeting together but other wise we will participate the meeting on our own and represent the Kurds without PYD on our own.’

PYD’s relations with regime

PYD is announcing themselves as they neither were acting together with regime nor with oppositions but actually acting together with regime, Bakr said: “PYD is trying to show themselves as a third party that trying to protect their region. But on the other hand they receive weapon support from the regime. There are soldiers of regime in the region. In Qamislo, regime’s and PYD’s patrols are partners. The regime’s governor in Haseke is still on his duty, working, in Qamislo there are regime forces and syndicates and they are doing their own jobs as well. PYD is acting together with the regime. They accept Sameran, SDG forces and Rakka forces together. They accept Seradidan, Vatanel whom are men of regime but they don’t just accept Kurdish peshmarga forces. Of course they are denying the Dhouk agreement as well. And after establishing different groups under different names with their men and they try to Show themselves as they were stronger.”

ENKS and Geneva

Adrssing ENKS’s demands in Geneva and ENKS’s projects for solution of Syrian problem, Nakr said: “Our demans in Geneva is first of all removal of military blockade from provinces, health services to be adressed to the provinces that destroyed, stop of the provinces to be bombed and mutual release of those who were arrested –almost 3 thousand people were arrested. Establishment of an independent government with unition of all parties whose president can be changed. It is called Syrian Arabic republic but are there just Arabs in Syria? Syria is a country that many different people and ethnicities are living in. All these different societies should be represented. That is why we demand the name to be Republic of Syria. ENKS have politic, economic and military projects. We demand Federalism like Iraqi Kurdistan. When we say federalism we don’t just mean just federalism in case of administration but politic federalism which Kurds have their own parliament. This idea of us doesn’t include sepration of Syria. Shortly it not possible peace to come region without solution of problem and our recommendation for the solution is Fderalism.”

PYD is fighting for regime or other forces even Syrian regime finds the regions under the control of PYD as their own territory that is why thousands of Kurdish teenagers are fleeing to abroad in order not to fight fort he regime Bakr, indicated that 30% of thousands of Kurdsh teenagers that fled to other regions have turned back but the rest of them can not come back.

Education in the cantons

Evaluating the education ongoing in the cantons under the control of PYD, Bakr continued as: “Now they are studiying in Kurdish language in cantons but they study Öcalan, like regime  used to do. The regime wasn’t letting education in other languages than Arabic. Also the lessons were only about the ideology of Hafiz Assad. As ENKS we are not against the Kurdish language but we are against the schools to be ideological. We don’t find it right any person to be seen as idol. In the schools they give and education as Öcalan says this, Öcalan says this but in the cirriculum there is nothing on the Kurdishness.”

Economic life in Kobane


Referring to the region's final status Bakr, "At the moment extraction of petrol has stopped. Snd agriculture is very difficult there is no fertilizer. Diesel is needed fort he vehicles used on agriculture and that is very expensive. It is hard to find employees. Labors that would have worked for 1000 before don’t work for 4 thousand now. There are no people left in the region and the administration of canton is leading demografic change. Because of one nation structure of the canton they replace the houses of people left their houses with Arabs. Regarding to Kobane; first of all I would like to say that the political life except the PYd has stopped. Secondry; Economic life there have finished there. Because of short right job for right person, people are in bed economic situation and those who have Money are just spending their Money but can not replace it. 3rd there is lack of security. If you have car in front of your house you can’t be sure whether it is going to be burnt or stolen untill morning. The security of PYD is just protecting themselves. No education. So that is why people can not turn back. Plus those who have turned are regret and they are looking fort he ways to leave the region.”

Border crossing and PYD

Indicating that there are serious problems for residents of the region when they come back, Bakr said within a new decision made by PYD, the people who come back have to pay $1000 per home in addition to that the houses of those who doesn’t come back are being confiscated that proves PYD doesn’t want Kurds' come back to their homeland.

“Outlook of Cantons to religion”

Saying that no one is allowed to conduct religious education apart from their men in PYD cantons, Bakr said: “Saleh Muslim’s brother Mustafa Muslim is a member of Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. Mustafa Muslim had founded a charity association under the name of Fraternity of Brotherhood in Kobane. But PYD banned his association after he was told you have to work either with us or we won’t let you have your own activities. Another association, linked with Barzani, Philanthropist Community was helping our poor people. They didn’t accept that and said you are going to give us the aid packages and we will deliver them and we will remove your emblem logo on the packages.”

PKK-PYD relationship

Asserting that PKK and PYD is the same thing, Bakr said: “PYD and all others,who are in charge on various duties, are puppets of Qandil. PKK picks these figures to deceive people since they are from Syria. This looks like a fake decoration to hide the ugly side of a house. PYD is affiliated with PKK. But the USA overlooks this fact since PYD has a role on anti-ISIS campaign. Now the USA needs Incirlik Air Base and Turkey is like the east wing of NATO. But the USA regards PYD distinct from PKK. But when they are done with PYD they would write its name in terrorist organizations list.”

“PYD abducted and handed the journalist over Syrian Intelligent service”

Remarking that people are being persecuted in three cantons ruled by PYD, torturing the dissident people, Bakr said that; “lately, PYD abducted one of our reporter working in our ‘Yeketi Media’ in Derbesipi district. Thanks God that people saw them they were PYD’s Cizre Asayish (security). They handed our reporter, who was abducted by their vehicle, over Syrian Intelligence service. They cut one of his fingers and broke the other. If people hadn’t seen them, they would have killed him. This reporter hardly reached a village where they had thrown him away by crawling. This is what their routine doing dissident people in their cantons every day. They allow no one to do any political work or make a speech in public. That’s why we don’t have any reporters in Kobane. Only a non-functional ENKS office without signboard and flag is in there just to show the world as if they allow different groups there.”

Mentioning the incident in Qamishlo where ENKS organized an event regarding Ala Rengin –Kurdish flag-, Bakr said PYD, who cannot stand any flag except their flag, PYD feels hostility even against Ala Rengin, which is accepted by most of Kurds, and PYD attacked the people who were carrying the flag with poisonous water cannons.

ISIS attack and the project of backsliding Kurdish Muslims from Islam”

Saying that ISIS offensive against Kurdish territories was a part of a large scale project, Bakr said. “ISIS attacks against Shengal and Kobane was a well-rounded project. First; Kurds have been intended to disperse to different countries that they would lose their unity and they succeeded in it. Second; over ISIS attacks, they intended to degrade Islam in Kurds’ heart, I think this was the greatest purpose of this project. We have all had Qurans, prayer rugs in our houses; people would perform their prayers and fast in Ramadan. The last goal was to kill everybody pulled by ISIS. But, as I said their real target has been Islam that wounds me deeply. Due to this ISIS attacks, some people converted to Christianity in Cizire (Syrian district), Kobane and Afrin.”

Developments in Iraq Kurdistan

Speaking about the latest developments in Iraq Kurdistan, Bakr said: “they say about Barzani that he wants to be in power forever but only Allah is the everlasting entity. No one can accept something like that. Barzani is a charismatic person among Kurds. And his ongoing kind and constructive policy is in favor of Kurds who are separated into four regions. All these attacks try to target his tender and common policies. President Barzani is not like PKK based on violence and tyranny, like his relationships with Turkey.. Goran, PKK, YNKS and Yekgırto cause trouble through their way of making politics. They do not want any referendum, why? Because they know people will cast their votes for Barzani.”

The latest situation in Syria and external powers

Indicating that the latest situation in Syria resembles the final days of Ottoman state; the similar powers, who divided Ottoman Empire, now share Syria, Bakr said: “Russia wants Assad regime’s survival for its benefits and doesn’t want a complete wipe off of rebels- balance policy- so, regime will be in need of Russia. The USA supports PYD in fighting against ISIS but also needs ISIS to press over Assad regime. American, English and French military advisors have contact with PYD, SDG, YPJ, and YPG. They all know that these groups have links with regime. Now, Russia, America and Europe shared Syria out between each other. America with the help of PYD wants the east of Euphrates, Russia wants Latakia region. American, Russian and Iran’s soldiers are all in the region now. the real reason of blocking the Turkey’s security zone proposal  is that this offer interrupts these countries’ benefits there.”

Parties in Syria

Indicating that KDP was founded under the guidance of Syrian Kurds in 1957, Bakr said that due to the crackdown of Arab racist regime that they were uncomfortable with the name of Kurdistan the name of the party changed with PDK-S.

Saying that PDK-S became PDK-Ç by Osman Sabri natively from Adıyaman, under the leadership of Hamit Hacı Derviş PDK-S divided into leftist and rightist groups, Bekir said that PDK-Ç helped Molla Mustafa Barzani’s fight militarily and financially, yet PDK-S denied to help Barzani claiming that they were reactionary radicals.

After an agreement, made under the secretary of Dehame Miro, PDK-Ç and PDK-S came together. Shortly after that agreement the movement divided into three; PDK-Ç, PDK-S and under the leadersip of Dehame Miro’s Kıyadi Merheli( Barzani’s Party) but after the seniors of this party firstly Dehame Miro had been arrested, the party divided into two in itself. (ILKHA) 

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