Important explanations from HUDA PAR

Important explanations from HUDA PAR

Added date : 2016-03-09 11:15

ANKARA - Evaluating the agenda including Yasin Börü case, March 8 Women’s Day, lifting the immunity of deputies and other subjects, HUDA PAR released its weekly press statement.

Important explanations from HUDA PAR

The statement issued from HUDA PAR Head Office included the following subjects; Yasin Börü trial, March 8 Women’s Day, Davudoğlu’s Iran visit, lifting the immunity of deputies, circular issued by prime Ministry about public officers.

It is said in the statement marking the International Women’s day that marking women in only one day is unacceptable though, women, big mother of humanity and the real architect of human family, regard this deception as a grace that is very saddening. Capitalist and imperialist world under the name of ‘liberating women and equality for women’ try to take women apart from their natality of being a spouse, building their nests, sense of motherhood and honor.

Stating the women mustn’t be remembered only once a year, it is said in the statement: “As being an individual of a Prophet’s Ummah saying ‘fear God, in respect of women!’ we, muslims, have to remember women not only once a year but every single day of a year and due course of Divine order we have to respect their rights, be kind towards them and protect our women who needs this because of their creation.”

“We will pursue the case until all those responsible for this crime get punished”

Mentioning the case of Yasin Börü and his friends, who were slain brutally that is very uncommon in the history of Turkey, it is said: “as long as real perpetrators and those administrative officials and chefs who were a mere spectator during the events  are excluded from the case, no justice will be gained in this case. We will not comply with a judicial process in which a detailed investigation hasn’t been conducted; evidences weren’t accumulated truly but only intending to punish some of the militants is something that we will never let it be so. We will pursue the case until all those who are responsible for this crime get punished.”

“Bringing the issue of immunity forward for only MPs has a purpose”

Indicating the recent discussion about lifting the immunity of HDP deputies has turned into a politic strife, it is said in the statement that; “speaking and making request in behalf of different parts of society is one of the essential duties of deputies that is a matter of their presence. Parliamentary Immunity is a shield to protect dissident MPs from being touched by dominant ideology or ruling party. However, the crimes, mostly disapproved by society, being committed under the protection of immunity must be prevented. Bringing the issue of immunity forward for only MPs has a secret purpose while a lot of authorities at many positions have a shield of immunity. (ILKHA) 

YASAL UYARI: Yayınlanan yazılı haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tüm hakları İlke Haber Ajansı A.Ş.'ye aittir. Hiçbir surette haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tamamı veya bir kısmı yazılı sözleşme yapılmadan veya abone olmadan kullanılamaz.

Important evaluations from HUDA PAR

Important evaluations from HUDA PAR

2016-12-27 12:02:34

In the evaluation of the agenda published by the HUDA PAR headquarters, important statements were made on issues such as the Moscow declaration signed between Turkiye, Iran and Russia, the UNSC's decision on the Zionist regime, and the constitutional amendment.

"Islam has never been an obstacle before the establishment of Kurdistan"

2016-05-20 10:09:47

Speaking in HUDAPAR’s 2nd congress Masoud Barzani’s special envoy Ahmet Kani, indicating that Islam never, nowhere and in any case hasn't been an obstacle before the establishment of Kurdistan Kani, said Kurds should serve to Islam more than any other people.

Yapıcıoğlu restores trust

Yapıcıoğlu restores trust

2016-05-16 16:37:27

At 2nd HUDA PAR Ordinary Congress, current president Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu restores trust.

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Al-Qadr Night performed with prayer and dhikr

The citizens who filled mosques in the program organized relating to the al-Qadr Night which correspond to the end of the month of Ramadan, performed this evening with prayers.

Road accidents in Bitlis: 3 dead, 8 injured

3 people lost their lives in traffic accidents, resulting in the collision of two cars in Bitlis, 8 people were injured.

“May this night be instrumental for the interest of oppressed Muslims”

Political party, NGO, institution representatives and citizens in Batman gave a message about al-Qadr Night which is beneficial than a thousand months were willing to end the bloodshed of Muslims and made wish for tonight to be spent with worship and prayer.

Laylat al-Qadr message from Yapıcıoğlu

HUDA PAR President Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu wishes that al-Qadr Night be instrumental in bringing the Islamic ummah tightly to the Qur'an.

7 thousand 300 people killed in traffic accidents in 2016

As a result of traffic accidents in Turkiye in 2016, 7 thousand 300 people were killed and 303 thousand 812 people were injured.

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