Yapicioglu: They want to remove Islam from the region

Yapicioglu: They want to remove Islam from the region

Added date : 2016-03-16 13:50

BATMAN - HUDA PAR chairman Zekeriya Yapicioglu, met party supporters in Batman where he went in scope of party activities.

Yapicioglu: They want to remove Islam from the region

HUDA PAR chairman Zekeriya Yapicioglu conducted statements in Batman that he went in scope of Party activities. Addressing statements to party supporters in culture center auditorium Yapicioglu, indicating that very big projects have been addressed in the region, said: “They want to remove Islam from the region”.

HUDA PAR vice chairmen’s Aydin Gok, Eyyub Yanac, M.Sait Ortac and Abdurrahman Cens, general administration member Serkan Ramanli, provincial chairman Mehmet Emin Dogru, provincial leader and provincial vice chairman participated to the meeting hold in auditorium in cultural center.

Conducting statements after the welcome speech Zekeriya Yapicioglu, conducted important evaluations on the conflict process, new constitution and the new cartoon crisis fallen on the agenda.

“Their goal is to remove the Islam from the region"

Speaking about a Hadith of Prophet Mouhammad (PBUH) to be cartooned in the Ozgur Gundem newspaper, Yapicioglu indicating that the attitude was reacted at in many provinces of  Turkey,  spoke as follows:

"Another cartoon. Referring to a hadith of messenger of Allah Prophet Mouhammad (PBUH) some behaved horribly. Actually what they have been trying for is: By trying once in a while within periods, they try to make people to loose their sensitivities. They want people not to react when their sensitivities were insulted. But they see that people react more each time. These reactions are important and they should definitely be implied. Otherwise these insults, shamelessness and disrespects against the sacred values will take an unpreventable situation. There is a big project played on the region. They try to remove Islam from the region.”

"They are trying to complete unfinished projects remaining from early years of the Republic"

Also drawing attention to the applications that implemented towards Muslim societies in the early years of republic Yapicioglu continued his speech as in the following:

"They have first removed the caliphate of Islam in the early years of Republic. After that they carried on many, so called revolutions. They tried so radically, they used mosques as stables. But the republican project stepped back by crashing at the mountains of Kurdistan. They could put some distance between the Turks and Islam. But they couldn’t do this in Kurdistan. So we should look at the events experienced in the region in that view. They want to complete the uncompleted project remaining from the early years of republic. That is why while they call themselves a movement of freedom on the other hand they behave in a way that it wouldn’t be accepted as human being. While they try to be respectful to all beliefs or unbellievenessess against Islam, when it comes to Islam they change their attitude straight away. Their hate feeling swells. They behave as enemies. Because this is the bid they quoted for. They try to snatch the society from Islam. Or they try to apart the society from Islam. This the way of the support of global powers. They anyway try to apart the entire ummah from Islam. They say: If you are Muslim and believe nobody will interfer to your belief, you can continue to believe. But there shouldn’t be Islam in your trade, social life, politics and family life. What you call belief is just between Allah and the believer. If you have belief in your heart it is enough. You don’t have to show it. So they try to prison Islam in hearts and mosques.”

“The government didn’t have a project, map during the solution process”

Following to his speech with the solution process that was manipulated Yapicioglu, drawing attention to that the solution process started while they started to found the HUDA PAR, said:

“We started to found our party on 12th December 2012. And the process they named as solution process, started on January 2013. So this matter was on the agenda as soon as we founded the party. Since the start we said: ‘The matter came to agenda and the government want to take steps, but as far as we see, the government doesn’t have a project on the matter and it is not clear what they are trying to do. ‘They started the process with the mentality of the caravan will be cued on the way’. But we said this is not the way to do it’. And we gave reasons why it wouldn’t be possible to successful in this way.”

“Main human rights shouldn’t be given up in anyway”

Indicating that they conducted many warnings regarding to ‘the solution process’ Yapicioglu continued as: “We said that ‘the solution process is not open enough. By this we are not trying to say: ‘Everything spoken there should be spoken in front of anyone’ We said another thing ‘As government if you think the solution process in scope of weapons, violence, terror or whatever then you will be doing mistake’. And again we said: You will be also doing mistake ‘if you make the rights of Kurds as a subject of bargain’. Because the main rights can’t be made subject for bargain, because they are main rights and won’t be given up on. Even if nobody asks for you have to recognize the main rights and deliver them to the owners that they were occupied from.”

“The government tricked to the society”

Indicating that the government didn’t listen to warnings and took those who have weapons in hands as counterparts Yapicioglu, said that the government just negotiated with those who have arms in hand.

Drawing attention to that the government was negotiating with the PKK that have weapons in hand and they were negotiating with them to deport the members with guns and that is why they were negotiating, Yapicioglu indicated that they many times repeated that the organization won’t leave their weapons unless they solved the problems with government.

Yapicioglu continued as:  Despite this the government continued to trick the society. They said: ‘We have negotiated with them and they promised us that they will leave their weapons. And we will take some steps.’ We repeatedly through press, Tv, meetings said: ‘Never mind that you don’t have a common understanding of solution process, PKK openly say that they won’t leave their weapons. Even though they say that they are going to leave their weapons we don’t believe this.  We told them not to make the main rights as a condition of leaving weapons’  but they didn’t listen”

“Where are 80 thousand weapons”

Indicating that the preview of the government towards PKK was fail Yapicioglu, indicated that the government said that PKK transferred 80 thousand weapons to the region and the operations are ongoing in: Silvan, Varto, Derik, Mazidagi, Nusaybin, Cizre, Silopi, Yuksekova, Diyarbakir Sur, Idil and in some other different places. They give weapons to 15, 16, 17 years children and drive them to fight against tanks. As the government caught 1 thousand weapons in the operation, I want to ask where are the 79 thousand weapons.”

“Don’t repeat the mistake that you did during the solution process”

Yapicioglu said: “In the beginning of the latest conflicts we said that the government should take steps on main rights and freedoms straight away. They can’t step back from the main rights and freedoms while the operations are continuing. They shouldn’t repeat the mistakes they did during the solution process. If you depend delivering main rights and freedoms to the condition of the PKK living their weapons you will make mistakes. If you stop your steps on the Kurdish issue due to their weapons you will be made mistakes and this is what they desire for. Anyway you showed them as legal representors of Kurds in the beginning of the process. Some of your minister said that they were trying to strength the HDP party and while saying this they weren’t looking any regretful.” (ILKHA) 

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