A sustainable peace must be maintained in Syria at once

A sustainable peace must be maintained in Syria at once

Added date : 2016-03-30 11:06

NEWS CENTER - ​Meeting with representatives of some NGOs and press members, HUDA PAR General Secretary Mehmet Yavuz highlighted that a permanent peace must be maintained in Syria at once.

A sustainable peace must be maintained in Syria at once

HUDA PAR Bursa Provincial Head Office organized a press meeting in a breakfast hall in Yıldırım district of Bursa province. At this meeting General Secretary of HUDA PAR Mehmet Yavuz spoke about the latest developments. 

“As Islamic world, we have been going through one of the toughest periods”

Indicating that as Islamic world we have been going through one of the toughest periods of our history, Yavuz said; “We can say that we have been experiencing one of the toughest times of our history. Now, we have two vital problems; the first of them is the ongoing clashes in southern cities in Turkey and the other one is the ongoing civil war in Syria just beside of our country which also nourishes the conflicts in our southern cities. These two issues have us had unsettled times for years. This is a ship we are all on board so we cannot remain uninterested.”

“The Kurdish Problem hasn’t been settled as long as considered as a problem of security”

Saying that there is a Kurdish Problem in Turkey and this problem is not only a security problem, Yavuz said that the Kurdish Problem hasn’t been settled as long as it is considered as a problem of security.” Yavuz added that:

“Yet, we need some solid prescriptions. It would be useful now to remind the remedies written in this prescription must be far from sentimentalism and racism. I regret to say that now; the policy conducted 80-90 years ago caused the current problems. In fact this is the biggest problem. PKK and its proxies’ pursuing war, devastation, chaos and anarchy is somewhat a result of this deadlock. As HUDA PAR we have pretty clear views. That’s why we have decided to continue our political movement in politics area.”

“Two tables must be set”

Repeating the offer of setting two tables regarding the Kurdish Problem, Yavuz said:

“One table must be reserved for the negotiations with armed organizations over laying down the arms and nothing else would be talked. Because talking other issues with armed organizations help them to acquire legitimate that they deserve and provide them a hormonal grow up and credentials. At the other table the real issue must be handled in commonsense. At first restoring the right of having education in your mother tongue and other rights that God permits for any nation must be maintained. And this table will be formed around this direction. “

“We view Islamic geography as our home”

Indicating that we deem the lands called as Middle east as our home, Yavuz reflected their offers regarding Syrian civil war as HUDA PAR. Saying that suppressing any uneasiness at home using weapons will eventually harm everyone in this circle, Yavuz said: “Even if you are right hundred percent on the issue and resort violence then everyone will be hurt.”

Yavuz added that: “We have conducted our warnings on this issue many times. Yes, no one has any doubts about that a cruel man in power in Syria. But, even if we are definitely right about that and the reflecting people’s will to the administration is the most innocent demand, we have warned that a single blast will burn all Middle East. We have spoken out and called on every body to pour some water out this sparks before it turned into a sectarian and ethnical civil war. Unfortunately, the ideological and political approaches have become determinative in vicious circle. However, a small fire that could be put out at that time has brought us massive problems and we wouldn’t have looked on the bodies of babies washed ashore got along from warm laps of their mothers and we wouldn’t have hosted more than 10 million refugees in the world and 2, 5 million refugees in Turkey.” (ILKHA) 

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The history stands purposely while cooperatively we try to destroy

The history stands purposely while cooperatively we try to destroy

2016-10-12 12:21:42

President of Diyarbakir Promotion Culture and Solidarity Foundation stated that Diyarbakir is an historic and cultural city and showed his reaction that historic fabric of the city is not being protected.

89 mosques destroyed during the clashes

89 mosques destroyed during the clashes

2016-04-23 10:23:32

​Paying a visit to Diyarbakır, Head of Directorate of Religious Affairs, Mehmet Görmez said in his explanations to the reporters that due to clashes in the region in total 89 mosques damaged.

The Holy Birth Event to be on air

The Holy Birth Event to be on air

2016-04-16 12:34:07

Prophet Lovers Platform has shared live broadcast frequency info of the Holy Birth Event which is going to be held in Diyarbakır tomorrow

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