“Appointing trustees to municipalities would whip up exploitation of grievance”

“Appointing trustees to municipalities would whip up exploitation of grievance”

Added date : 2016-04-07 17:08

ANKARA - ​HUDA PAR has conducted assessment about urgent expropriation of Sur, appointing trustees to municipalities and Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.

“Appointing trustees to municipalities would whip up exploitation of grievance”

The weekly assessment released by HUDA PAR Head Office has the titles of appointing trustees to HDP/BDP municipalities, urgent expropriation decision for Sur and Silopi districts and conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Reminding the historic roots of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and pointing out that the current situation is not irrelevant to Syria civil war and other regional wars, it is said that Armenia must withdraw its forces immediately from Karabagh which belongs to Azerbaijan.   

Another title which is mentioned in the statement is Government’s intend to appoint trustees to HDP municipalities. It is indicated that appointing trustees to the municipalities in such a way as to extort their rights legally that will whip up exploitation of grievance.

“No doubt HDP/BDP municipality officers make their position an instrument for PKK”

Indicated that some of the HDP municipality officers misconduct their positions to serve PKK’s goals rather than people, it is said in the statement that:

“PKK’s shifting the warfare from mountains to urban areas deleted the security of life and property, at first Sur and Cizre districts, many others have turned into ruins. It is clear that mayors from HDP, who took office with peoples’ votes, are incapable to do the essential services in the districts. It is very well known that in spite of people’s interests they use public sources for unnecessary and meaningless purposes while many of them involved bribery and corruption allegations. Though they have very broad of public support and means they fall behind any ordinary municipality in Anatolia regarding basic services of municipalities. We have no doubt HDP/BDP municipalities make their position they got an instrument for PKK.”

“It mustn’t be resorted to depose officials who acceded to the office with people’s votes from offices in such a way that poses in the form of a legal way”

Underscoring the fact that appointing trustees to the municipalities would lead them to play on the agony, so as to maintain the justice, those who misconducted in office must be trialed, it is said in the statement: “any step taken by Government such as appointing trustees to municipalities would only whip up their discourse over being grieved. Therefore, mayors or officials in municipalities who neglect their duty, involved in crimes, using public sources for the sake of his partisans or organization, involved in bribery and corruption must be determined and brought to trial that would be justifiable.

“Urgent expropriation decision of Sur and Silopi”

It is said in the statement for the urgent expropriation decision made by government that: “The taken decision of urgent expropriation of Sur and Silopi, likely new expropriation decisions will be made for some other districts, must serve for redressing people’s grievances. It is certain that to reconstruct the destroyed neighborhoods, streets and people’s houses due to armed conflicts by government may bring a social comfort to people, although nevertheless nothing can heal people’s spiritual losses. The process of expropriation must be tackled studiously; to be careful while determining the right holder, to be fair and right-minded while determining the expropriate price and to be fast during reconstruction period. Besides the land lords who were affected by these conflicts, the lessees also must be considered during this process.

“Conflicts going on between Armenia and Azerbaijan have a potential to turn into a large scale war”

Reminding the historic background of conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan, it is said:

“After artillery shelling from Karabagh to residential areas of Azerbaijan, the armed conflicts flared up between two countries that still have a potential to turn into a drastic war. Centennial problem of Karabagh is indeed an occupation issue. Karabagh, which belonged to Azerbaijan till 1988, was occupied by Russian backed Armenia. As of this date, Armenia has committed many inhuman massacres in different districts on different times. Khojaly massacre, in which 1300 Azerbaijani people including elder, children and women were slaughtered, is just one of them. “

 “Armenia must withdraw from Karabagh where belongs to Azerbaijan, within the scope of international law”

Highlighting the fact that this war cannot be considered independent from Syria and other regional wars, it is said in the statement that: "Ongoing conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia aren’t independent from Syria and other regional wars. All Muslims must coalesce into a single body by force of being an Ummah against any occupation of Muslim lands wherever it may occur in the world. Armenia must withdraw from Karabagh immediately where belongs to Azerbaijan within the scope of international law."

“We behold neither government nor the opposition parties serious and sincere in solution seeking towards the reasons of moral collapse in society”

Criticizing the ugly and rude tone of politicians, it is said in the statement that: “Present company included; leader of main opposition party has proved his immorality by using sexist and insulting words  as if he was calling a woman minister to account. A man can be a man with his moral values. Everything bears some ethic values, so does politics. And politics is the first in need of moral values. A politician, who is destitute of morality, cannot find solutions for people’s problems but he would drag the society into a disaster. There is a clear distinction between moral weaknesses of an ordinary man and a politician’s. We behold neither government nor the opposition parties serious and sincere in solution seeking towards the reasons of moral collapse in society. Opposition recommends a poison as an antidote while the government overlooks the antidote. As long as the field of religious and moral values is shrunk, sexual perversion will continue to increase in society.” (ILKHA) 

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