Cizre expects to turn to its previous days

Cizre expects to turn to its previous days

Added date : 2016-04-24 18:17

SIRNAK - Being one of the exceptional districts of Islamic geography with scholars, scientists and madrasas, Cizre expects to turn back to its previous days after the big destructions it faced due to the conflict process experienced recently.

Cizre expects to turn to its previous days

In the operations that PKK carried to the city centers and set mines into the streets, Cizre district of Sirnak is expecting to go back to its previous days after the destructions that they even haven’t experienced on the 90s.

One of the unique districts of Islamic world Cizre (Cizîra Botan), submitted many scholars, scientists to humanty. Having an old madrasah tradition in Cizre especially educating many scholars red Madrasah (Medreseya sor) is one of amazing Madrasas. Joining to Islamic geography during the Khaliph Omar time Cizre, suffered a lot during the history.

Submitting big number of scholars and society leaders like; Ismail El Cezeri, Ehmedi Xani, Melayi Ciziri, Sheikh Mohammad Seyda and recently Sheikh Zeki Atak and many other scholars and society leader Cizre, expects to turn back to its previous days.

Especially experiencing the forcing state’s iron punch Cizre land and civilians are now experiencing even harder destruction that they haven’t even experienced in the 90’s. PKK carrying conflicts into the city centers where the civilians living brought operations after. In the operations that carried on for 3 months; both the state to use heavy weapons, and PKK stocking bombs into the city centers and exploding them, made old city Cizre to look like Syria. Living the town within the curfew announced on 14th December 2015 people turned to Cizre after the curfew was ended in some parts on 2nd March 2016 they try to recover their wounds amongst destructed houses.

While some people turned back to their houses after the partial lifting, some people haven’t turned to their houses, known. People of Cizre are reacting both to state and to PKK.

As the entire region is affected because of the conflict process, it seems like the commercial life has completely stopped in Cizre. Besides mosques, educational institutions and hospitals damaged big time, the superstructure and infrastructure of the city have totally collapsed.

2 thousand 700 houses and 13 mosques will be demolished

In the town that damage assessment work were carried out after the conflicts: 45 mosques, 7 Quran courses and around 10 thousand shops and houses are out of service was found out. Amongst these 13 mosques and 2 thousand 700 houses with heavy damage were decided to be demolished. Demolition of houses in Cudi neighborhoods is ongoing. Some parts of Cudi, Nur and Yafes neighborhoods that were damaged heavily in the clashes were expropriated immediately in the past days.

Now people are trying to recover from the conflict they experienced. While victim people making queue in front of the charity organizations is showing the size of destruction people from Cizre are expecting to reach to the days that they could live in peace. (ILKHA)

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