Experienced PKK’s cruelty to the hilt; Xanike village file (1)

Experienced PKK’s cruelty to the hilt; Xanike village file (1)

Added date : 2016-05-27 10:10

SIRNAK - Abdulgafar Bal, Hüseyin Demirel, Ayşe and her 8 years old daughter and lastly Muhammed Şerif Şimşek and Abdulcelil Talayhan… All of them were slaughtered on different dates by PKK in Xanike village of Idil district in Şırnak province.

Experienced PKK’s cruelty to the hilt; Xanike village file (1)

After Muhammed Şerif and Abdulcelil Talayhan were slain by PKK On May 25, 2015, public remembered the village of Xanike again which had similar massacres during 90s.

Located in Şırnak province, in Idil district, the village of Kozluca (Xanike) was targeted by PKK in 90s and 4 people killed. Those were; Abdulgafar Bal, Hüseyin Demirel, 65 years old Ayşe and her 8 years old Fatma Öz. Well, what was these people’s guilt deserved to be killed?

“The name of the village was heard in the region swiftly”

Saying that their village Xanike is comprised of 60 houses but there are some small settled-areas nearby, Mehmet Şerif Akyüz said: “We the villagers were pious people but mostly verbal not in a Muhammadian way. That was mainly because of PKK’s repression. We couldn’t perform our religion precisely till the real Muhammadian cause has come to our village. After a short while Islamic invitation started in Nusaybin, our village also got its share and a few young people met with Islamic community. After that Islamic efforts prompted an Islamic sphere in the village. after that our village’s name was heard in the region swiftly.”

“PKK incited our relatives against us and mined our relationships”

Stating that after the name of the village got to known with its Islamic identity, PKK felt annoyed deeply, Akyüz said a group of PKK militants began to come to village and threaten the villagers. Akyüz said: “After PKK had showed up in the village, some brawls broke out between people in the village. They tried to get us against them insidiously. Kurdish people have always been a religious nation but foreign powers have always used PKK to distort this situation. PKK holds no brief for Islam; therefore, PKK was constantly threatening us. At first they tried to involve with villagers then the PKK militants started to come to village and said us ‘No longer you can pursue your cause, we won’t allow us.’ We objected them and we said’ yes, we know your only considerations are socialism and communism.’ Then they left the village.”

“Well, let the enemies of the Islam hear this: we will be everywhere”

Saying that a lot of experiments conducted on Muslims, Akyüz said as his final words that: “When PKK noticed that these experiments proved failed, PKK started to launch raid on the village. They threaten to put the village on fire. We were persecuted in the village but believers didn’t give up their cause. Sensing that believers wouldn’t give up PKK assassinated the Muslims in the village. Abdulgafur, Hüseyin and Ayşe were martyred. Ayşe was the spouse of the village’s prayer leader. She and her 8 years old daughter were martyred in Nusaybin. But let the enemies of Islam hear this, we are everywhere. In Palestine, Arakan, Iraq, Kurdistan… we are with our brothers wherever there is a Muslim. We will always struggle against these infidels. We will follow the path of our martyrs.

When the calendars indicated April 8, 1992; the wife of the village’s prayer leader, Ayşe Öz got up early left the village with her daughter to go to Nusaybin to clean up her house in Nusaybin. Ayşe Öz was targeted by PKK, since she was disseminating the prophetic message in the village. Hearing about her trip to Nusaybin, PKK followed her closely to kill.

When the darkness set in, a group of pro-PKK gunmen raided at her houses and killed her with long barrel weapons. Killing a 65 years old woman and her 8 years old daughter, PKK displayed its enmity against Islam and Muslims once again.

“They even slain her little daughter on her arms”

One of her neighbors, Şükriye Akyüz said that she was serving Islam and she was trying to rear her children with Islamic principles. Akyüz said: “Ayşe was an altruistic person and wise.  She went to Nusaybin to clean her house up on that day. She had her daughters with her. PKK members followed her and attack her house at night. They first cut the power in their house. Realizing the ambush, Ayşe got prepared to escape. She was martyred with her little daughter, Fatma, on her arms. Her other two daughters were older and they managed to escape and hid in their neighbor’s tandoori. If they hadn’t got through, they would have also been killed on that night. They were an honored and pure family. We had been neighbors for 20 years and they had never disturbed us even for one day. She was really a very chaste woman. We have 6 martyrs in our village, we rejoice for earning these martyrs in here. Thanks God, we are being martyred that because we are believers however but they will never be able to get away.” (ILKHA) 

YASAL UYARI: Yayınlanan yazılı haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tüm hakları İlke Haber Ajansı A.Ş.'ye aittir. Hiçbir surette haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tamamı veya bir kısmı yazılı sözleşme yapılmadan veya abone olmadan kullanılamaz.

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Mehmet Şenlik, Vice-Chairman of the Union of Scholars, made an assessment on Eid of Ramadan, stated that the good traits acquired this month should always be continued.

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