Experienced PKK brutality to the hilt; Xanike village file (3)

Experienced PKK brutality to the hilt; Xanike village file (3)

Added date : 2016-05-30 10:02

SIRNAK - After slain of Muhammed Şerif Şimşek and Abdulcelil Talayhan on May 29, 2015, the PKK persecution that the village experienced during 90s has come to the minds.

Experienced PKK brutality to the hilt; Xanike village file (3)

In Xanike village,  located in south eastern Turkey in Idil district of Şırnak province, just before 7 June general elections in an armed attack with long barrel weapons by PKK/HDP Muhammed Şerif Şimşek and Abdulcelil Talayhan were martyred, which reminded again the repression of PKK on the village during 90s. The village has never forgotten those painful days.

“They faced the PKK persecution during their school days”

Saying that they had their education in Regional Secondary Boarding School in Idil district, since the village didn’t have a secondary school; Hamza Talayhan, the uncle of martyr Abdulcelil Talayhan, said: “We have been performing our prayers since our childhood because we grew up in a religious family. Pro-PKK students did everything in the book to us that because we were performing our daily prayers. Especially the students in high school constantly were attacking us in the dormitory room. Because of those attacks martyr Abdulcelil had to leave the school just before two months from his graduation. He came to Mardin due to pro-PKK students’ oppression. In Mardin, I continued my education with two martyrs. Thanks God we received commendation every term. We graduated from high school in Mardin.”

Indicating that martyr Abdulcelil was a well-educated person in Islamic studies, Hamza Talayhan said: “Martyrs were performing their daily prayers since they were 3rd grade students in primary school. They fast on Mondays and Thursdays out of Ramadan fast and tried to perform their prayers in the mosque.”

“They paid utmost attention to their morning prayers”

Citing slices from their lives, Hamza Talayhan said: “They avoid pretentiousness in their lives; they were such people always performing their morning prayers in the mosque. They always paid utmost attention to their prayers. As for their Islamic services, they even didn’t waste a break when we were at the school to tell people Islam and our cause. They even fit their services into those breaks after classes. We witnessed this many times. Martyr Muhammed Serif always washed the dishes and prepared our tea after meals and then chose a book from the shelf and began to conversation to prevent us from wasting our times.”

“They sacrificed their wealth and their lives”

Indicating that PKK was very disturbed by Abdulcelil and Mehmet Şerif, Talayhan said: “Therefore, these two martyrs were targeted on purpose. They sacrificed their wealth and lives in the cause of Islam. May our Lord grant their martyrdoms. Everyone admired their honesty. I hope we can gain their mercy.”

Abdulcelil’s tearful wife Asiye Talayhan said showing her firmness that: “Praise to God, we have always pursued the path of Allah and His prophet. We have proved ourselves blamelessly and in pride.”

“We are head high and pure”

Asiye Talayhan said he was a very precious exemplary for both his children and for villagers. Everybody was pleased with him. My husband brought up our children on Islam. I gave all my blessings to him. May Allah awake our people for the sake of their blood and doom these cruel oppressors. Praise to be god we will follow the cause of Allah and prophet.”

“He was at the ranks of cause since he was 7”

Adile Talayhan, mother of Abdulcelil, said that her son was a harmless and generous person. Saying that she was proud of being a mother of a martyr, Adile Talayhan said: “May Allah bless this title for us. We, too, follow His path. My son was at the ranks of the Islamic struggle since his childhood. Bloody oppressors weren’t able to abide his efforts in the village. I offered my precious son a sacrifice.”

“All the world witness their massacre”

Uncle of Muhammed Şerif and also the nephew of Abdulcelil, Mehmet Şerif Demir said that this massacre wasn’t the first occurred in Xanike. Demir said: “PKK martyred Hüseyin and Abdulğafur in 90s. Our village witnessed many raids and massacres of PKK. Since our village is a pious one, it has always been subject of PKK’s brutality. Martyrs Abdulcelil and Muhammed Şerif were a part of Islamic struggle since their childhood. They were Frequenter of mosque and Quran lovers. They abstained from harming even an ant. But they were martyred heinously. PKK is playing a vicious game on this oppressed people. So, people must open their eyes. They left tearful families behind. Their children were left orphaned. One of them had 5 and the other one had 4 children. Two families lost their heads. Their parents are still in tears. I hope Kurdish people will realize the ugly face of PKK. May God grant their martyrdom.” (ILKHA) 

YASAL UYARI: Yayınlanan yazılı haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tüm hakları İlke Haber Ajansı A.Ş.'ye aittir. Hiçbir surette haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tamamı veya bir kısmı yazılı sözleşme yapılmadan veya abone olmadan kullanılamaz.

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