Experienced PKK brutality to the hilt; Xanike village file (4)

Experienced PKK brutality to the hilt; Xanike village file (4)

Added date : 2016-05-31 10:20

SIRNAK - Witnessing the massacres of PKK including children and old people, people of Xanike continue to tell the savagery they faced from yesterday till today. After the martyrdom of Muhammed Şerif şimlek and Abdulcelil Talayhan who were slain by pro HDP/PKK members they raised their voice against this violence.

Experienced PKK brutality to the hilt; Xanike village file (4)

Murder of Muhammed Şerif Şimlek and Abdulcelil Talayhan just before the June 7th general elections brought the persecution and pains they faced during 90s.

Saying that they are being targeted by PKK due to their Islamic sensitivities, residents of Xanike cannot forget the painful days they experienced.

Wife of Mehmet Şerif, Emine Şimşek said that all he wanted was being a martyr and added that so today they do not feel the sorrow of his loss but the happiness of his martyrdom.

“Martyrs are our pride”

Ms. Emine Şimşek said:” He was always telling me that he would follow the way of martyrs. Today he is the guest of these martyrs. All praise to God, we will also follow their way. I will raise my children who recite Quran and perform their religious deeds. I will follow the path of Allah and our prophet. I plead God to give me steadfastness. It is going to be hard but I will be patient. He always used to advise to tell others about Islam. He weirdly brought a packet of wet towels and told me that ‘these are for my quests, keep it’ just a day before his martyrdom. The morning he was martyred I polished his shoes and put before him then he said ‘children are first entrusted to God then you’. With God will, I will protect his successions. We were oppressed by PKK when we were in Cizre. They set our shop on fire and looted but we never got sad for wealth. We haven’t got sad for his martyrdom because everybody isn’t vouchsafed with martyrdom.

“My son grew up with Quran”

Voicing that his son would always be interested in Quran, Mother Rabia şimşek said he kept his word by sacrificing both his wealth and live. Rabia Şimşek said: “Thanks God; it isn’t sufficient how much we thank God. I became a mother of a martyr on my sunset years. In the past, we didn’t have Quran courses like today. Moreover, those who taught Quran were arrested. I took my son to some pious people to teach him Quran. My son grew up with Quran.”

“We are pleased with Muslims. May Allah with them.”

Mahmut Şimşek, father of Muhammed Şerif, said he is proud of his son’s martyrdom. Father Şimşek said: “May God erase the infidelity and tyranny on surface of the world for the sake of their blood. Allah loved both my son and Abdulcellil that He took them to His side. Perhaps, we have torn our heart out but we are happy that they earned martyrdom. We really got very happy when someone comes and visits us as if Muhammed Şerif was with them. We are pleased with Muslims, May Allah with them, too.”

“PKK militants set his shop on fire 5 months ago”

Şükrü Şimşek, younger brother of Muhammed Şerif, said they had gone to Istanbul after they finished high school then they settled in Cizre. Indicating that the neighbour owners of the workplaces were pleased with Muhammed Şerif’s good behaviours, Şimşek added that his personality disturbed the PKK members and they set his shop on fire five months before his martyrdom.


“He built a special education room for his children”

Saying that his brother paid more attention to the children’s education than other things, Şimşek said: “As soon as he entered home, he always asked the children whether they did their homework and recite Quran. If they didn’t, he took children to his room and helped them with their homework. He built a special education room for his children.”

“He advised the truth at every occasion”

Despite having their father, they regard him as a second father, brother Şimşek said that he advised the truth at every occasion, he gathered all our relatives and advised them the truth.  He was constantly visited the sick people in the village. We had wholesalers in Batman, Gaziantep, Diyarbakır and Adana, they all called us expressing their condolences and they all said that they got shocked and sad with his martyrdom.

“He stepped towards martyrdom”

Telling us the day of their martyrdom, Şimşek said: “It was Friday, he shaved and had a shower and performed ablution. Then he came to our shop. He showed me the accounting book and and displayed me the all debtors and said’ we have death in the life’.  He suggested me to go to the village to kiss our parents hands Friday prayer. He was very excited that day; his eyes glowed when he said me to go to the village. No sooner had we come to the village, the HDP convoy entered the village. They had a few voters in the village. The ballot box of some hamlets nearby is placed in our village. They usually get votes from these hamlets. Except one family no one loves them because they slain 6 people in our village. They started their electioneering including PKK propaganda, though. Some pro-HDP men provoked villagers by saying that we are Armenians and we will espouse some in the village. In spite of their provocation we directly went home. We came back when we heard gunshots. We saw Abdulcelil lying on the ground. When people shouted for a car, my brother went back to bring the car. The car was just in front of the murderer’s house. When the murder saw my brother, he martyred him just there. He stepped towards martyrdom when I remember all his doing and words on that day.”

“I admired his life”

The other brother of Muhammed Şerif, Salih said: “I always admired my martyr brother’s life. He was very eager for his Islamic services. He was a very harmless person abstaining from harming even an ant.  May our Lord granted their martyrdom, and keep us on their path.” (ILKHA) 

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