The orphans who met in picnic had fun

The orphans who met in picnic had fun

Added date : 2016-06-03 10:13

DIYARBAKIR - Orphan society (Yetim-Der), with the campaign “make an orphan happy” arranged a picnic for thousands of orphans with their family and made them happy. Orphans, flied kites and played with balls, had fun and their happy moments are worth seeing.

The orphans who met in picnic had fun

Association of solidarity with orphans and victims (Yetim-Der), centred in Diyarbakir and founded in 2009 with many aids to orphans, based on campaign of “make an orphan happy” took orphans with their family to Dicle University picnic field.

Orphans, some of them played with balls, some flew kites and some ran around happily with their friends, with the moments away from hopelessness made their families and association members happy.

Association vice president Sertac Tekdal gave informed about picnic, stated that our sensitivity about protecting the orphans came from Islam and Allah entrusts the orphans to all Muslims.

We believe orphans should be taken care, protected and met their material and spiritual needs, and as Yetim-Der we have some plan in order to meet their spiritual and material needs, said Tekdal.

“It is the first time I have an atmosphere like this”

Orphan mother Mekiye Bars, we are thankful to Yetim-Der and we came the picnic thanks to them. They helped us in every respect, she stated that our children were very happy and had fun. It is the first time I have an atmosphere like this.

“When I saw my children happy I became very happy”

Gazel Kaya stated that she was very happy with the organisation of Yetim-Der. “It was a lovely emotion. When I saw my children I become very happy, they took fresh air, played and enjoyed. May God bless them. It is the my first time I have been an environment like this. I lost my husband last year. I had suffered from economic and emotional problems. My two children went to school. My daughters went boarding school. I subsist. Benevolent associations try to help me” she said.

Also lady Hayri said that “we are four. Our situation is not very good but still thanks to God, we subsist. As long as we are in the true path, and do not hurt each other. We want to my children be in the way that Allah wants, in a Quranic path, stay away from trouble and bad actions.”

“We are having very good emotions as a family”

Mehmet Efe talked about his emotions and said I came with my family; Yetim-Der is protecting and backing us. It the first time I had fun and played comfortably in place like this, I played with balls and I have very beautiful emotions, he said.

Another orphan, Yusuf said I came with my mother, I flied a kite and I am very happy. He wants to be a teacher when he grows up. He wants to buy toys for children and make them happy.

“I am playing with balls and I am flying a kite”

Humeysa enjoyed picnic and said “I am playing with balls and I am flying a kite. I came with my mother. I have not been here before. I have very good times.”

She enjoyed a lot by coming this picnic said Hicret Kaya, “since morning I am playing and I am eating. I have very good moments with my friends. May God bless people who bring us here.” By saying she shared her emotions. (ILKHA) 

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