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Reaction from Martyr’s families to defendants lawyers

Victim families reacted to defendants lawyers who did not attend to the decision hearing where the murder suspects of ‘Yasin Börü and his friends’ are on trial, demanded the case to finalize in the next trial without any excuse.

“Victimizations continue for simple reasons”

HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Mehmet Yavuz stated after the 14th trial of the Yasin Börü’s case, said that he did not find it right to continue the victimizations.

Woman from Germany became Muslim

A German citizen woman who applied to the Gaziantep Provincial Mufti, became a Muslim by saying Islamic confession of faith [Shahada].

Yasin Börü’s case adjourns

The 14th trial related to the murder of Yasin Börü and his friends has been adjourned to 3rd of April.

“European countries and the US should be tried for the Halabja Massacre”

Mahmut Kılınç, member of General Administrative Board of HUDA PAR, participated in the commemorative event of Halabja Massacre organized in the Iraqi Kurdistan for the 29th anniversary, said that European countries and the United States should be tried for the massacre in Halabja.

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