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Russian war ship sinks

A Russian war ship sank after the crashed with another ship carrying live animals. 78 crew members were evacuated.

“We need to rebuild the education system”

Mardin Artuklu University Instructor Assoc. Dr. Fasih Dinç evaluated regional education problems, stated that the education system should be rebuilt.

Mortar attack carried out by PYD: 3 Turkish soldiers injure

Three soldiers were slightly injured in a mortar attack came from Syria under the control of the PYD on a border post in the district of Kızıltepe of Mardin.

“Many voted ‘yes’ relied on HUDA PAR”

HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu stated that many unstable voters, who previously saw many discourses said by HUDA PAR about the country came true later on, have used ‘yes’ preference.

“The Egyptian Army hid its real intention”

Participating in the seminar on “The Last Political Situation in Egypt” organized by the SDAM [Strategic Thought and Analysis Center], Parliamentary Secretary of the Egyptian Constitutional and Development Party, Usame Rushdie, said that the Egyptian army had hidden its true intention to take over the administration entirely during the revolution.

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