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Record increase in arms sales in recent years

Globally, weapons sales have increased by about 10 percent in the last five years, with Asia and the Middle East mostly at the top of the arms stocks.

“Operation El Bab is about to come to an end”

Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş said that operation on El Bab which in the scope of Euphrates Shield is about to come to an end.

Explosion in Istanbul: one seriously 7 injured

One seriously, seven people were wounded in the natural gas explosion in İstanbul Küçükçekmece.

Buses crash: 6 dead, 20 injured

In Iğdır, six passengers lost their lives in the buses crash and some 20 were injured.

"Marriage programs that contrary to Islamic values ​​should be closed"

Molla Abdulkudus Yalçın, one of the well-known scholars of the region, stated that marriage programs that are contrary to Islam and their values ​​should be closed down with an emphasis on the fact that they are deprave the society.

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