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Today's news is a defamation, a hoax says Görmez

Religious Affairs President Mehmet Görmez in a television program he participated, reacted to the news in the Turkiye Newspaper, said that the news is the slander that emerged yesterday.

Attack on military base in Afghanistan: 140 dead

140 soldiers lost their lives in an attack on a military base in Afghanistan.

Responds to Turkiye newspaper, which links Holy Birth to FETO

Union of Scholars [İttihad-ul Ulama] and Prophet Lovers Platform reacted to Turkiye newspaper’s headline news that said “Why still Religious Affairs backing Holy Brith events? It is a FETO’s project.”

Strong reaction from the Directorate of Religious Affairs to the ‘Turkiye Newspaper’

The President of the Directorate of Religious Affairs reacted strongly to the ‘Turkiye Newspaper’ published with the headline “Holy Birth is a FETO project”, “Why Religious Affairs is backing”.

“Differences cannot lift our brotherhood, we are pure children of Islam”

The President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez participated in the ‘Holy Birth Special Program’ organized in Ağrı on the occasion of Holy Birth Week.

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